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Jess Baldock at DAS

2024 Improvement & Quality Awards

In the customer service and QA sector, Jess Baldock’s journey with DAS has become a source of inspiration. Jess embarked on a transformative path, shifting the QA role from policing to nurturing, focussing on relationship-building, approachability, and tailored feedback. Through her innovative strategies, Jess overcame significant hurdles, leading to remarkable improvements in team morale, agent performance, and the overall perception of the QA function. Her story offers valuable lessons for enhancing employee engagement and redefining quality assurance processes.

Water Plus Quality Team

2024 Improvement & Quality Awards

Water Plus, the largest water retailer in the UK, is enhancing customer service and employee growth. Their approach includes comprehensive training, customer engagement, and strategic quality assurance. Initiatives like structured coaching, development programmes, and technology use for self-service have significantly improved customer satisfaction and employee morale. This focus on continuous improvement and strategic quality alignment has led to notable achievements in service delivery and operational efficiency.

Utility Warehouse Operational Change & Improvement and Knowledge Management Teams

2024 Improvement & Quality Awards

Utility Warehouse, a leading UK multi-service provider of energy, telecom, and insurance, embarked on a transformative journey to overhaul its operations. Spearheaded by their Operational Change department, the initiative saw the evolution of their Albert Evolve knowledge platform and the introduction of the Live Interactive Support Agent (LISA). Aimed at enhancing customer service efficiency, this transformation included rebranding, content optimisation, and extensive employee training, resulting in significant time and cost savings, improved platform engagement, and positive feedback from staff.

The Open University Knowledge Management Team

2024 Improvement & Quality Awards

The Open University, spearheaded by Liz Vosper, has advanced its knowledge management system, addressing initial challenges such as inadequate web content management skills. Their journey, characterised by innovation, collaboration, and a focus on accessibility, has significantly enhanced system efficiency. Implementing e-learning for content writers and improving accessibility standards, they’ve set a new benchmark in the field, showcasing their commitment to continuous improvement and user-centric design.

The AA CTC Team

2024 Improvement & Quality Awards

The AA significantly improved its service by implementing end-to-end outcomes testing. This approach not only deepened understanding of the customer journey but also heightened regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. Key to success was engaging stakeholders early, fostering collaboration, and driving procedural changes that benefitted both customers and the business. This shift not only enhanced customer experience but also transformed the quality assurance team’s role, promoting a culture of constructive feedback and continuous improvement.

HGS Quality Team

2024 Improvement & Quality Awards

HGS introduced ‘Quality Central’ to revolutionise its quality management across diverse sectors. Facing challenges from manual, siloed processes, the quality team’s deployment of this centralised platform marked a significant shift. Through strategic design, stakeholder engagement, and client-specific implementation, the initiative led to enhanced performance metrics, improved customer satisfaction, and streamlined reporting. This transformation underscores the power of technological integration and strategic planning in optimising organisational efficiency.

Firstsource WFM Academy

2024 Improvement & Quality Awards

Firstsource’s WFM Academy addresses the urgent need for upskilling and reskilling in a tech-evolving corporate world. Through bespoke, technologydriven learning programmes, it aims to bridge the global skill gap, enhancing workforce capabilities. This initiative has successfully uplifted employee skill levels by 16%, demonstrating its effectiveness in aligning with business strategies and fostering a culture of continuous learning. The Academy sets a benchmark in corporate learning, ensuring organisational adaptability and long-term success.

Benenden Health Be Smart Programme

2024 Improvement & Quality Awards

Benenden Health’s Be Smart programme revolutionises healthcare service delivery by fostering a culture of continuous improvement and member satisfaction. Shifting from centralised change management, it empowers individuals across the organisation through a network of champions, covering 75% of business functions. This initiative has yielded significant results, including £165K savings and a 441% increase in return-on-investment by 2023, demonstrating the effectiveness of embedding a culture of proactive change and engagement across all levels.

ACCA Quality Team

2024 Improvement & Quality Awards

The ACCA Quality Team have transformed quality for their teams both domestically and internationally. By adopting a nuanced grading system and decentralised management, they tackled operational and cultural differences head-on. They not only harnessed technology for enhanced data analysis but also improved operational efficiency and integration across geographical locations. The outcome was a marked improvement in customer experience, demonstrating adaptability and innovation in educational quality assurance amidst modern challenges, with a strong emphasis on teamwork.

Kirsty Ritchie at Wheatley Housing

2024 Planning Awards

Kirsty has led on optimisation, by removing inefficient tasks to allow more value-add activities like extending the planning window and gaining the benefits like planning for recruitment. Her focus on longer term planning ensures that peak is now well managed and easier for all. Kirsty is well respected and is committed not only to continuous learning & development but also to sharing skills and new learning with her peers.