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Professional services: 
Expert support in a nutshell 

All our professional services have one thing in common. Business leaders asked us for a bespoke, tailored solution to their problem – not a theoretical idea, but a practical delivery that moves them forward in a sustainable way. You may value us at The Forum for conferences, best practice sharing or specialist skills training. You may not know that every year we support members in bespoke projects. 

If you need an injection of expertise to kick start a change or get a key delivery over the line, have you thought of asking us? Do you need to accelerate your most important priorities? Do you know what you want but don’t know how to do it? Or you don’t have the right capabilities? Or is there an urgent deadline? Or you want a fresh set of eyes, an external perspective to influence thinking in the organisation? 

Our on-site and bespoke work can be as short as a one-day diagnostic or skills assessment. Sometimes it is a longer project or placement, when we connect you with one of a network of associate consultants who are trusted, specialised and long established.
Proven network

Are you taking advantage of our professional services network?

  • Access to a wide and diverse pool of trusted associate consultants, each with proven practical experience ‘doing the job’ over many years.
  • Coverage from a short diagnostic or skills audit to an interim placement or a project lasting weeks or months. The focus is on results, delivering a significant return on investment.
  • Our work stretches across all four professional communities, with a growing demand in data & insight as well as resource planning and operations strategy.
Our virtual conference agenda will be packed with inspiring keynote speakers, practical and interactive Workshops and Technology Showcases to keep you up to date with the latest trends in technology, and how make the most of your technology stack.

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We offer Consultancy and Interim Resource in all areas of customer contact – Leadership/Operational Management, Change Management, Resource Planning, Insight/Data Analytics, Customer Experience/Quality.

If you would like to know more and have an informal chat contact either:
Phil Anderson – Director
t: 01772 797 138

Dave Vernon - Director
t: 07956 497 800