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Take a look at our full range of Best Practice Guides - outstanding books that bring together highlights from our extensive online member library of best practice materials. Designed not only to inspire, but also to identify practical insight and provide toolkits and hot tips, we intend our resources to help you to raise standards across the industry. Packed with case studies, research, thought leadership and supplier listings, this is the year-round resource that contains the jewels of the year’s best practice.
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2024 Best Practice Guide: Shaping the Future

It can be too easy to fall into routine patterns, daily habits and standard procedures, taking assurance from doing what you’ve always done. However, in an ever changing and demanding world we can’t keep doing what we’ve always done. We must keep adapting, learning and growing both personally and professionally. As we build on our strength in numbers our next step is to shape the future and take responsibility of what happens. Lead ourselves to shape our future and not just allow ourselves to be shaped by what is happening around us. This means taking responsibility for yourself, your personal and professional life and how you approach each day.