The Learning Academy offers innovative, modular learning for all skill levels

Does most training seem irrelevant or unaffordable? With our Learning Academy at The Forum, you can focus on what’s important to you and choose interactive workshops or online webinars (just £45pp). Set up a learning fund and follow an accredited development plan that is bespoke to your needs, selecting from 140+ modules, based on the methods that won us high recommendation over 20 years. 

Learning from the best in class

The knowledge we share draws from our constant engagement with the best teams in our profession.

Do you ever feel that your role is so specialised that most training is either irrelevant to you or prohibitively expensive? At The Forum we have a clear vision: professionalise planning, insight and quality functions. So, last year we took on the challenge of designing and delivering learning and development for professionals that is completely bespoke to your needs, yet completely affordable.

Making it relevant: We started by literally taking apart our existing courses, the very ones that won us ongoing recognition for the last 18 years. From just a few courses we quickly derived more than 120 modules of learning that have gone to form the backbone of our academy framework. Modular training means you can pick and mix the exact content that will add most value to your organisation and by aligning them to tiers of  difficulty and job roles, you can easily design your very own personal development plan.

A knowledge ecosystem: What’s more, new modules are incorporating the latest advanced methods, learning from the best-inclass. These leverage the incredible knowledge ecosystem that is The Forum, so that all the latest methods from benchmarking, awards, conference and member insight can be used to raise standards across every team in the professional community, some developed by our members and associate consultants. Each module is related to a key topic series and at a learning level, for instance some are introductions, some more advanced.

Bespoke Development Pathways: With over 140 modules to choose from, you pick the specific subjects you need. Create a development pathway that’s completely bespoke to every member of your team. You  can combine modules into on-site workshops or deliver though the webinars. Skype-based implementation groups are a chance to discuss the issues raised and how to apply them in your workplace. Choose pathways for your people that represents  the intensity, learning style and budget that fits your needs.

Want more? We are already looking at the next innovations. Top priority is to leverage the incredible knowledge ecosystem that is The Forum. From the most junior member and all the companies that we work with, everyone has something worth sharing that others can learn from or challenges they could overcome by applying new methods. Simply put, we learn better together, and we want to make that as easy as possible.

If you just want to see the list of module, prices, and upcoming events feel free to take a stroll through the site. And if you want to be part of this story just register your interest here.

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As an independent association established since 2000, we offer a trusted space for professionals in contact centre, field service, back office or retail operation. Benchmark against the best in class and learn from innovators and pioneers.

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