Get Ready for Opportunities at Work

We recognise the importance of candidate engagement throughout the end-to-end candidate journey to avoid losing talent from the recruitment funnel. 

GROW (Get Ready for Opportunities at Work) offers an accredited, module-based training program for frontline contact centre advisors and is designed to complement and support the in-house training function.

Our program aims to provide a well-rounded introduction to the contact centre industry and organisational expectations before candidates begin their roles, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in a fast-paced contact centre environment. 

GROW represents our modern approach to pre-boarding, designed to engage your new hires right from the moment they receive their offer and enter the vetting and referencing period. Hosted on our mobile-friendly e-learning platform, this comprehensive set of digestible modules serves as a powerful tool to keep your recruits involved and invested during this crucial transition phase.

Our e-learning platform is designed with convenience and accessibility in mind. Each module is concise, capped at a maximum of 10 minutes, making it perfect for quick learning during breaks, commutes, or any spare time your new hires might have. This flexible and mobile-friendly design allows learning to happen at any time, anywhere, fostering a culture of continuous growth and development. The successful completion of Box Sets 1&2 will also lead to a foundation-level accreditation, a testament to your new hire's learning and dedication.

We believe that the more informed and engaged your recruits are, the more likely they are to remain committed to their role. By offering them the opportunity to learn and grow from the point of offer, we not only foster a sense of investment and belonging but also significantly increase the chances of successful onboarding and retention.

Box Set 1: Empowering Your Recruits for Success from Day One

Each module in Box Set 1 offers a deep dive into the key aspects of the contact centre industry. This includes an overview of the industry's history and evolution, an exploration of potential career pathways, a demystification of key terminologies, and an emphasis on the importance of the right mindset. By offering your new hires this early access to relevant industry knowledge, we are setting them up for success and ensuring they step into their roles with a solid foundation.

We've meticulously developed each module to provide an insightful introduction to the contact centre industry. From the industry's history and evolution to potential career pathways, key terminology, and the importance of the right mindset, we've covered essential knowledge areas that will equip your new hires with a solid foundation even before they step into their roles.

By providing these comprehensive modules before Day 1, you're setting up your new hires for success, equipping them with the knowledge they need to hit the ground running.

Box Set 2: Gearing Learners Towards Practical Understanding and Accreditation

This comprehensive set of modules is designed to be flexible and accessible, allowing learners to engage with the material at their own pace over their initial three months in the role. The structure of Box Set 2 is intended to complement and enhance their induction and onboarding training, supporting a holistic learning experience.

The flexibility of this program caters to the varying learning styles and paces of the new recruits. They have the freedom to access and revisit the modules anytime, reinforcing the knowledge acquired during induction and on-the-job training. This combination of structured learning and self-paced study ensures a robust understanding of the contact centre operations and dynamics. 

Box Set 2 plays a pivotal role in equipping your new hires with a deeper, practical understanding of the contact centre dynamics. Designed to complement on-the-job learning, this set prepares them comprehensively for their first six months in the role.

Upon successful completion of Box Sets 1 & 2, your recruits will receive a foundation-level accreditation and a certificate from The Forum, a highly respected institution within the contact centre industry. This accreditation is a tangible recognition of their learning journey, demonstrating their preparedness for a successful career in the contact centre sector.
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