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The AA Forecasting Team

2024 Data, Analytics & Insight Awards

The AA’s forecasting team has been pivotal in optimising breakdown services through a predictive model linking weather data to breakdowns, improving resource allocation and response times. Their analysis has driven digital advancements, streamlining operations and enhancing customer interactions by filtering simpler queries online. They also evaluate economic and market trends for strategic planning. This work ensures The AA adapts efficiently to customer needs and maintains leadership in service excellence, highlighting the team’s essential role in operational and strategic decisions.

Three Ireland Insight Team

2024 Data, Analytics & Insight Awards

The ROI insight team at Three Ireland have utilised Microsoft Power Apps to revamp internal processes and enhance workplace culture. This move aimed at ditching outdated communication methods for a more efficient, engaging approach to reporting. The initiative led to improved operational efficiency, higher employee engagement, and significant cost savings. Power Apps helped automate tasks, saving 900 hours annually and fostering a culture of innovation. Future plans include developing an “Everything App” and integrating AI to further advance their digital efforts.

Sam Collings at OVO Energy

2024 Planning Awards

Sam renewed the approach to recruitment and training. With her approach, the blend of weekend and remote workers has enhanced operational efficiency and relieved pressure on agents whilst improving morale. Embracing social media, they maintained service levels and reduced contact volume, achieving a 70% satisfaction rate and a 33% decrease in queries. Sam’s data analytics have driven continuous improvement, enabling personalised service and proactive customer engagement.

Stephen Banim at indeed

2024 Planning Awards

Stephen implemented innovative forecasting methods, driving efficiency and cost reduction through leveraging data-driven insights. Collaborative solutions, guided by his effective communication style, helped tackle challenges such as integrating new features like chat. Stephen exemplifies the transformative power of experience and strategic thinking, setting a standard for excellence in modern workforce management.

Michael Ferrera at indeed

2024 Planning Awards

Michael champions accessible data presentation, pre-emptive issue identification, and real-time response strategies. His approachability and dedication to learning earn praise from stakeholders, while his collaborative spirit fosters a culture of innovation. Projects include self-scheduling implementation and a shift towards future-focused data analysis. Michael’s efforts not only streamline operations but also cultivate a data-centric culture.

Driving Operational Excellence at TSB

2024 Innovation & Transformation Awards

The TSB Planning team have demonstrated the importance of collaboration, skill development, and innovative tools in driving operational excellence within organisations. By creating a culture of open communication, embracing upskilling initiatives, and leveraging data-driven insights, teams can enhance performance, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth. This transformation has seen the adoption of Power BI and the transition from using excel spreadsheets to the implementation of a real-time alert system.

Navigating Operational Challenges with Data driven decision-making at Hiscox

2024 Innovation & Transformation Awards

A cultural transformation built on visibility and transparency of data and how this is used to drive better decisions. Trust has been built in understanding and using the data to change the decision-making dynamic. Confidence with data has improved the understanding of customer and colleague behaviour. This case study demonstrates the transformative power of data-driven decision-making and strategic evolution in driving operational excellence.

Operational Readiness

This video is to accompany the article in the 2024 Best Practice Guide: Shaping the Future

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