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Learning from across the industry helps us to know the fundamentals and brilliant basics, recognise good to best practice and showcase excellence and pioneering new ways. This collaborative way of working helps us to understand all types of challenges, from enduring problems, current and emerging trends to unique and outlying issues and priorities. This isn’t about industry averages and validating old ways of thinking. This is about stretching our thinking, learning and doing something differently.

Davies & Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

2024 Partnership Awards

This open and trusting partnership has delivered on the selection and configuration of the best fit interaction analytics platform for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water. Davies, through their Managed Analytics service trained the team and helped them to identify priorities, and scale problems to ensure that they did not try to do too much all at once, and ROI was achieved. A process issue affecting one vulnerable customer was identified, queries revealed the extent of the customer base that could be affected by this flaw, this enabled them to make a change to the process, improving services for their most vulnerable customers. Results include a reduction in verbal complaints of 15%, a reduction in AHT by 35 seconds, and a speed up of the investigation process from 14 days, to just one day.

Business Systems & Motorway

2024 Partnership Awards

Through partnering with Business Systems to implement Calabrio, Motorway has experienced significant improvements in their WFM and Planning operations. These include substantial improvements to adherence, equivalent to 30 FTE per week, a considerable increase in the efficiency of internal processes such as holiday requests, and the fostering of an overall more positive work environment resulting in greater employee satisfaction and improved customer service. Through innovative problem-solving and dedicated teamwork, they overcame challenges in integrating systems, delivering significant operational improvements and financial benefits. Shared goals and a willingness to “walk in their customers’ shoes” were key elements of this successful partnership – we understand that Neil did get a good price for his car!

Katie Harrison at NFU Mutual Agencies

2024 Data, Analytics & Insight Awards

Katie enhances business efficiency by expertly utilising Management Information (MI) to align with stakeholder needs. She champions incremental changes and fosters collaboration between data analysts and operational teams, ensuring MI insights translate into actionable strategies. This approach not only improves decision-making and productivity but also cultivates a culture of continuous improvement. Her leadership exemplifies how insightful, collaborative efforts can lead to significant organisational benefits, demonstrating the critical role of effective MI application in operational success.

Chantal Lowson at Macmillan Cancer Support

2024 Data, Analytics & Insight Awards

Chantal’s leadership journey at Macmillan Cancer Support showcases her transformative approach to management. Transitioning from a single Data Analyst Insights team to leading three specialist teams, she exemplifies embracing change, fostering trust, and leveraging technology for organisational improvement. Her strategy prioritises people, performance, and continuous learning, demonstrating the impact of multifunctional teams and data-driven decisions. Chantal’s story is a testament to the power of leadership in navigating challenges and driving substantial business improvements.

Steven Hunter at Hiscox

2024 Data, Analytics & Insight Awards

At Hiscox, Steven transformed corporate planning by adopting advanced methodologies and improving data management. His benchmarking efforts and use of the Minto Pyramid Principle for communication enhanced strategic operations in the UK. Steven’s initiative underscored the importance of innovation and foresight, driving Hiscox towards operational excellence and sustainable growth. This case highlights the significance of strategic planning and data-driven decision-making in the competitive business landscape.

Ravi Kumar Samala at Firstsource

2024 Data, Analytics & Insight Awards

Firstsource Solutions revolutionised its risk management with a digital-first strategy, under Ravi’s leadership. This case study highlights the transition from expensive, rigid third-party tools to custom digital solutions, enhancing operational risk management and business continuity. Implementing in-house tools like the Operations Health Dashboard significantly cut costs and improved efficiency. This transformation not only saved £170,000 in licence costs over two years but also fostered a robust risk-aware culture, showcasing the impact of digital innovation on organisational resilience and efficiency.

Mike Connor at Capita Regulated Services

2024 Data, Analytics & Insight Awards

Mike’s journey at Capita exemplifies dedication, innovation, and collaborative spirit. Starting in 2014 as a customer service representative, his interest in operational efficiency led to his role as a performance analyst. Skilled in Power Query and Power BI, Mike turned SLA data into actionable insights, enhancing service delivery and customer satisfaction. Overcoming challenges with advanced tools, his work improved operational efficiency and inspired peers towards continuous improvement. A commitment to continuous learning and development is driving organisational success through data-driven decisions.

Angela Morton at BT Business

2024 Data, Analytics & Insight Awards

In BT’s defence sector, Amanda innovated reporting by transitioning from traditional, static methods to dynamic dashboards, enhancing decision-making for sensitive defence contracts. Facing high-security clearance challenges and the need for meticulous staff retention, her approach uses visual cues to highlight key metrics, significantly improving operational efficiency and strategic planning. This shift towards action-based reporting has been well-received, demonstrating the impact of adaptability and innovation in reporting within the sector.

Homeserve Speech Analytics Team

2024 Data, Analytics & Insight Awards

HomeServe’s journey with speech analytics since 2015 transformed customer service, blending technology for efficiency and satisfaction. Initially aimed at operational improvements, it evolved with advanced telephony for better service delivery. This shift not only streamlined processes but also enriched customer interactions. Rich joined-up data is linking actions to outcomes and enabling continuous improvement. Their commitment to technological advancement has set new standards in customer care, highlighting the role of technology in enhancing service quality.