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Planning for COVID: What have we learned from our first response?

March 2021 was a key milestone, with the anniversary of our first UK lockdown. It was also a year on from our first free webinar series at The Forum on planning for COVID-19. So what have we learned? How can we think or act differently?

What is hybrid working?

With a seemingly unstoppable tide of support for some homeworking, what makes a new operating model fit for the future? How do we avoid floating on a sea of outdated working practices or policies?

Moment of Truth – The Forum Community App, live stream exclusive

The moment of truth; critical time for your workforce strategy and hybrid operating model. Strategy is about to become the reality as organisations look to introduce strategic Hybrid operating model at scale post the summer holidays which will have important consequences for the future.

Will homeworking outlast the virus?

Who will be rushing back into the office and what choices will people be offered? Is this a global shift in our work lives? What is driving decision making?

Healthy Working Patterns for a hybrid world

Homework is opening up new approaches to scheduling and resource allocation. So, could hybrid working be a platform to support wellbeing and deliver different outcomes for both business and people?

Partner Article: Sensée Creates 500 New Work-from-Home Contact Centre Roles

Sensée, the work-from-home specialist, is creating 500 new permanent and temporary positions to meet the growing demand for homeworking staff.

The vacancies are for Customer Contact Advisors, Team Managers and back office staff to work for new and existing clients. Start dates are immediate.

The four stages of insight: shaping the future

Our true measure of success lies in what is done with information we provide and how much it is trusted. Take a look at this changing focus of analysis and consider what it means for your role and function, whether you are in planning, insight, quality, management or leadership.

How to redefine your budget planning process

Budget plans are never easy, harder than ever post-COVID. Yet is the uncertainty this year an opportunity to re-define how we budget? How can it be a benchmark that drives joined-up decisions at every stage of the planning cycle? A good budget process will help us understand volatility, uncertainty, conflict and ambiguity. It aligns priorities across the organisation and shapes what we do operationally. Why not take a fresh look at what you do?

Planning for WhatsApp at Direct Line Group

In our recent network group on Asynchronous Chat, Direct Line showed how they evolved their planning for this new digital channel and the challenges they faced.

How can we forecast with no data?

What can we do when there is no history to forecast from or patterns have changed, like post-COVID? What are the alternatives to traditional forecasting techniques? Ian Robertson looks at alternative approaches to forecasting, to make reliable forecast decisions now and learn about emerging patterns of demand for the future. We need ways to use human judgement objectively, to uncover the unknown unknowns and remove potential blind spots.