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Onboard training from London to Inverness at LNER

Published on 27 April 2020

Onboard training from London to Inverness at LNER

Read LNER's Case Study here.

See how planning helped tackle complex challenges in introducing the first new train type in 30 years, itself the first step in a journey of digital transformation.

Successful implementation of the new Azuma trains has depended as much on the planning and delivery of training, as the technical introduction of the trains themselves. This required complex planning on such a crowded rail network, including suspending two daily services and gaining flexibility on schedules from colleagues. Yet over 1,600 crew were successfully trained, at the same time that trains were being tested and drivers trained, losing only one service in 18 months. Customer experience is transformed – moving LNER to 3rd out of 28 operators. And technology now provides new facilities and data, paving the way to expand the services further, in a competitive marketplace. Adapting key planning approaches, to face new challenges with limited technology, this is all about engaging with people at the right time to bring them on board on this strategic journey of change. 


  • 1,600 train crew trained in 11 different roles 
  • 92% colleagues suggested Azuma training 
  • Training completed in 18 months 
  • 20 point increase in customer satisfaction 
  • 3rd most popular train company, 6th out of 28 

This story demonstrates how contact centre planning principles can be applied to a vastly different environment. What stands out in this submission is the complexity and scale, the range of skills and people. With limited technology, using EXCEL for instance, this is all about engaging with a range of people at the right time to engage them on this huge strategic change.

This article was first published in the 2020 Best Practice Guide - 2020 Vision: Crystallising your knowledge

To download a full digital copy of the Best Practice Guide, click here

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Author: Leanne McNamee

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