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Benenden Health Planning Team and Steven Miller Planning Manager

2024 Planning Awards

This planning team, led by Steven Miller, defined clear goals, maximised technology, and fostered collaboration, achieving remarkable improvements. Their success extended to reducing attrition, improving offline availability, and gaining influence in IT planning. While transitioning systems, their collaborative efforts showcased their expertise, offering a blueprint for effective resource planning. The planning team consists of only three people, including Steven, which is testament to what they’ve been able to achieve and build upon in a relatively short space of time.

Global Continuous Improvement and Collaboration at Worldpay

2024 Innovation & Transformation Awards

The Continuous Improvement Squad have embedded their approach to drive a culture of innovation and empowerment. Collaborating to help solve problems and prioritise improvements. Supporting colleagues with problem-solving workshops to help build their knowledge and confidence to identify new ideas and implement change. This inspiring case study demonstrates how to embed continuous improvement methodology as business as usual.

Customer Centricity at Water Plus

2024 Innovation & Transformation Awards

Water Plus, a prominent business water retailer, embarked on a journey to streamline their customer service processes through the implementation of a pod way of working. This case study delves into their innovative approach, challenges faced, and the remarkable outcomes achieved. By prioritising customer-centricity and investing in employee development, they have set a benchmark for excellence in the industry, paving the way for sustained growth and customer satisfaction.

Driving Operational Excellence at TSB

2024 Innovation & Transformation Awards

The TSB Planning team have demonstrated the importance of collaboration, skill development, and innovative tools in driving operational excellence within organisations. By creating a culture of open communication, embracing upskilling initiatives, and leveraging data-driven insights, teams can enhance performance, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth. This transformation has seen the adoption of Power BI and the transition from using excel spreadsheets to the implementation of a real-time alert system.

Business Evolution at OVO Energy

2024 Innovation & Transformation Awards

OVO Energy epitomised the intricate balance between innovation and transformation, underscored by the team’s dedication to strategic planning, technological advancement, and people-centric growth. The journey towards staying competitive requires strategic planning, agile processes, and a people-centric approach. This case study provides the essence of this journey, highlighting the challenges, strategies, and future vision of a dynamic team.

Operational Excellence at Novuna

2024 Innovation & Transformation Awards

Novuna exemplified the importance of effective team integration and operational efficiency in driving organisational success. Through collaborative efforts, transparent communication, and a commitment to continuous improvement, organisations can navigate challenges and seize opportunities in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

Empowering Teams through Innovative Workforce Management at Motorway

2024 Innovation & Transformation Awards

The implementation of the workforce management tool exemplifies Motorway’s commitment to innovation and employee empowerment. Through effective communication, strategic planning, and a flexible approach to change, the team successfully navigated through challenges, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and fostering a work environment conducive to growth and success.

Shift Pattern Design Framework at Lloyds Banking Group

2024 Innovation & Transformation Awards

Implementing a shift review program in a large organisation comes with its own set of challenges, from negotiating with unions to designing fair shift patterns. Flexibility, effective communication, and a focus on employee satisfaction are key elements in navigating these challenges successfully. By learning from experiences and adapting strategies, Lloyds have demonstrated how to create a shift systems that meets both operational and employee needs effectively.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency at Leeds Bradford Airport

2024 Innovation & Transformation Awards

In a bid to bolster operational efficiency and foster employee engagement, Leeds Bradford Airport undertook a transformative journey built on core planning principles and operational effectiveness. Through candid discussions and strategic foresight, the team navigated challenges and harnessed opportunities, heralding a new era of organisational resilience and employee empowerment.

Driving global standardisation & the power of effective communication at indeed

2024 Innovation & Transformation Awards

The integration of the WFM team into operations was hailed as a game changer with tangible value, from strategic support to operational efficiency gains. The transformative power of consistent messaging, stakeholder support, and a clear plan for the future emerged as catalysts for success. By leveraging ‘playbook’ meetings to align resources with forecasted service levels, the team maintained stellar performance amidst challenges.