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Wellbeing: how to define your culture and operating heartbeat

Embedding a new operating model is complex and takes time, but unless you make a fresh start, you will never lose the bad habits and old working practices you wanted to leave behind.

What is an effective skills development strategy?

Upskilling is a key part of your workforce strategy, bringing together good planning, knowledge & performance with a culture that encourages development and retains talent.

Measures vs Targets: How to focus on what matters most

The true success of any metric lies in the behaviour that it drives, so choose wisely what you report or target, and build a strong foundation of diagnostic measures first. This is how you focus.

Great performance doesn’t happen by chance. A performance playbook will help people see the difference they can make. So, define what it means to be at different levels on any measure, why this matters, and what action is needed.

Partner Event: Register for the Call & Contact Centre Expo 22 – 22 November

Register to attend the Call & Contact Centre Expo 22-23 November at the Excel Centre in London. You won’t want to miss our session on 23rd November at 12:30 PM, Evolving State of the Workforce, presented by Alvaria Senior Solutions Consultant Chris Lattimore. Find out how companies are evolving and adapting to remote, hybrid, in-office workers, maintaining positive culture, and still enabling agents to improve performance, productivity and schedule flexibility. Learn More  

How can one size fit all? Creating a future-proof workforce strategy and flexibility toolkit.

The topic of working patterns and practices is hugely emotive, rightly a business priority now as we redefine our strategy post pandemic. What do your people want? How do you match resource to demand? What are others doing? Phil Anderson brings you up to speed with key principles and the latest new approaches, demonstrating what kind of tools you need to be fit-for-purpose in a fast-changing world.

Partner Article: OVO Energy Aims To Boost Team Engagement and Career Development with Centrical

Centrical is pleased to announce that OVO Energy, the UK’s third largest energy supplier, has chosen Centrical to support team engagement, and to deliver personalised learning and development pathways across their customer care operations. 

Why does knowledge management matter?

See how this technology plays an increasingly pivotal role, in closing the gap between what we need and what we can actually do, the ‘engagement capacity gap’.

How to thrive in a hybrid and digital world

Explore the factors to consider as you build new operating models and learn from the profound impact of the pandemic on knowledge sharing, social connection, working patterns and productivity assumptions.

Acquiring new technology? Learn how to steer clear of the biggest pitfalls

The traditional RFP process, commonly run by IT departments, brings you in far too late to actually make a difference. So take a look at the pitfalls to avoid and some tips on how to do it differently.

The Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Centre Solutions

Detailed Answers to Common Cloud Questions from Leading Solution Providers