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Partner Article: Contact centre recruitment challenges? Focus on productivity first

Published on 14 March 2023

Partner Article: Contact centre recruitment challenges? Focus on productivity first

Virtually every COO/senior contact centre leader I speak to is struggling to meet their KPI/Service Level targets with the resources available to them – 

demand is outstripping capacity.
Most are struggling to recruit in sufficient volume and at the right calibre even where home- or hybrid-working is an option. Competition for the finite pool of talent is particularly tough in the current climate.

Digital transformation and channel-shift can only alleviate some of the challenges and, indeed, when done badly can cause massive customer alienation… which is probably not the preferred way to reduce demand!

However, the solution is often hidden within plain sight – 

increase productivity. The question is how?
Fortunately, contact centres (and operations in general) are blessed with a wealth of data, analysis of which can enable immediate and sustained productivity uplift. Applicable, rich data may be ‘surfaced’ and utilised far more easily than most would imagine possible and, crucially, without any reliance on stretched IT departments.

Utilising this data, the relative performance of individuals (and teams, etc.) may be readily assessed against KPIs within their respective operational peer groups. Root-cause analysis may be conducted to determine what the top performers – across a balanced scorecard - are doing differently/better when compared to their peers. This yields actionable insight enabling best practice to be identified and replicated. 

Incredibly, we can provide initial ‘diagnostic’ assessments for free… We simply ingest relevant historic data to

‘shine a light’ on your operations. 
This immediately reveals ‘what good looks like’. It also shows the distribution in performance of individuals within peer groups against your KPIs and associated diagnostic metrics. Where the distribution is broad the opportunity is huge as it indicates hidden capacity that may be unleashed. Replicating best practice narrows the distribution. Consistency is also improved. The net effect is that your productivity increases (typically 10-20% dependent on the initial level of optimisation), cost-to-serve is reduced, and better customer, employee and business outcomes are delivered. Not bad when this initial diagnostic is delivered for free and with ‘no strings’!

But “why would you do this?” I hear you ask.  Easy – once you’ve seen the transformative power of miPerform, you’ll want to commit to using it on an ongoing basis. However, you don’t need to take my word for it…

This post by one of our clients, Anita Yandell Jones, Chief Customer Officer at Ecotricity will, I suspect, have far greater impact than me telling you how great our solution is(!):

If you’d like to see our solution contact/connect with me:  If of interest, we can then assess the merits of undertaking a free diagnostic for you.  It may well be

the answer to your recruitment woes!

Author: Keir Woolhouse, miPerform

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