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The power of effective communication

Why do some people, teams and organisations continually struggle with communication? Yet, many global organisations excel in cross-functional collaboration and engagement?

Shaping the Future

Learning from across the industry helps us to know the fundamentals and brilliant basics, recognise good to best practice and showcase excellence and pioneering new ways. This collaborative way of working helps us to understand all types of challenges, from enduring problems, current and emerging trends to unique and outlying issues and priorities. This isn’t about industry averages and validating old ways of thinking. This is about stretching our thinking, learning and doing something differently.

Sabio & DHL

2024 Partnership Awards

In a strategic partnership with Sabio, DHL Express UK embarked on transforming its resource planning and employee engagement, addressing staffing inconsistencies and inefficiencies. By overhauling their Workforce Management system, focussing on accuracy, optimisation, and schedule flexibility, they achieved significant improvements in forecast accuracy, resource efficiency, and employee satisfaction. Sabio took time to understand DHL, and their service goals, and worked hard to support and upskill the team at DHL. These efforts led to marked cost savings, showcasing the value of leveraging technology and innovation in the logistics industry.

QStory & Jet2holidays

2024 Partnership Awards

A mature and established partnership between QStory and Jet2holidays delivered an extremely successful intraday automation implementation, which has been a great enabler for Jet2holidays homeworking model. Once they had a better visibility of their absence, QStory supported Jet2holidays with the establishment of a centralised absence management function SMART. The QStory policy of retaining 30% of developer time to be available to work on customer requests has been a real enabler for this change, ROI and stakeholder impact has been positive. Jet2holidays are so delighted that QStory were awarded one of their coveted supplier awards.

miPerform & Northumbrian Water

2024 Partnership Awards

miPerform and Northumbrian Water have been working in partnership since 2020 to redefine the boundaries of client and technology collaboration. At the heart of this partnership is a joint vision to deliver customer service excellence through empowering agents and enabling self-management, through deployment of an innovative toolset that supports peer-to-peer benchmarking, gamification, transparency, and fairness of reward. The operational background of the team at miPerform has been key to success; they understand what is important, combined with rapid response times, shared goals and an openness to learning and challenge. This is a very successful and embedded partnership.

Iris Clarity & The Royal Borough of Greenwich

2024 Partnership Awards

This pioneering partnership teamed up to enhance customer service through improved voice communication. They tackled the common challenge of background noise in contact centres, leading to a significant uplift in call quality and operational effectiveness. Leveraging Iris Clarity’s advanced audio technology, which uses AI for voice isolation, the collaboration has notably elevated customer experience by ensuring clearer communication and increased satisfaction. Beyond solving a practical issue, this partnership demonstrates the impact of technological innovation in setting new benchmarks for empathetic and efficient customer service, with exciting potential for broader applications.

Davies & Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

2024 Partnership Awards

This open and trusting partnership has delivered on the selection and configuration of the best fit interaction analytics platform for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water. Davies, through their Managed Analytics service trained the team and helped them to identify priorities, and scale problems to ensure that they did not try to do too much all at once, and ROI was achieved. A process issue affecting one vulnerable customer was identified, queries revealed the extent of the customer base that could be affected by this flaw, this enabled them to make a change to the process, improving services for their most vulnerable customers. Results include a reduction in verbal complaints of 15%, a reduction in AHT by 35 seconds, and a speed up of the investigation process from 14 days, to just one day.

Davies & TJX

2024 Partnership Awards

In a strategic collaboration, global retailer TJX and Davies revolutionised employee onboarding, focussing on decentralised training and soft skills. Incorporating digital learning and aligning with cultural values, they achieved a 300% investment return, which included a reduction in the glide path to productivity in the contact centre from 8 weeks to 6 weeks. This partnership not only enhanced employee engagement and customer service for TK Maxx and HomeSense but also established new benchmarks for training excellence, an increase in empathy and rapport with customers with a positive impact oncustomer loyalty.

Centrical and Ocado

Centrical and Ocado

A cohesive and genuine partnership underpinned the introduction of an employee engagement platform. Both teams worked very closely, even before contracts were exchanged and Ocado became a design partner of Centrical.bThe vision for the launch was to reduce the complexity for leaders, it was important that this was not just another link to follow, another set of data or another system to log in to. During the design partner program, they worked closely to understand the key requirements of Ocado’s QA programme, and how Centrical could support this directly within the platform. QA was not an existing feature, but through their close partnership, this new feature was brought to life and the Centrical system rapidly became a one stop shop for all employee engagement, performance management, rewards and recognition, and quality management, allowing the platform branded internally as ‘Mint’ to become an integral tool to the business.

Business Systems & Motorway

2024 Partnership Awards

Through partnering with Business Systems to implement Calabrio, Motorway has experienced significant improvements in their WFM and Planning operations. These include substantial improvements to adherence, equivalent to 30 FTE per week, a considerable increase in the efficiency of internal processes such as holiday requests, and the fostering of an overall more positive work environment resulting in greater employee satisfaction and improved customer service. Through innovative problem-solving and dedicated teamwork, they overcame challenges in integrating systems, delivering significant operational improvements and financial benefits. Shared goals and a willingness to “walk in their customers’ shoes” were key elements of this successful partnership – we understand that Neil did get a good price for his car!