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Beware of Bias

Bias influences every decision we make, every piece of analysis we do and every conversation we have. And if you are reading this and thinking “not me” then this is an example of the objectivity illusion. This is a tendency for people to believe that they are more objective and less biased than others. 

Endnote: Shaping the future: supporting your best next actions

Originally broadcast on Friday 17th May, 12:30.

Rounding off the virtual conference and first stage of this year's best practice programme with inspiration, ideas and clear next steps. This endnote will support your learning, and give you takeaway ideas on how to turn this into an action plan. 

Opening Keynote: Shaping the Future

Originally broadcast Monday 13th May, 09:30

How can we prepare ourselves for whatever happens? How can we think forward and be confident with our best next decisions?

Hear from The Forum’s team of Specialists as they each share their inspiration thoughts on how to Shape the Future.

The power of effective communication

Why do some people, teams and organisations continually struggle with communication? Yet, many global organisations excel in cross-functional collaboration and engagement?

Shaping the Future

Learning from across the industry helps us to know the fundamentals and brilliant basics, recognise good to best practice and showcase excellence and pioneering new ways. This collaborative way of working helps us to understand all types of challenges, from enduring problems, current and emerging trends to unique and outlying issues and priorities. This isn’t about industry averages and validating old ways of thinking. This is about stretching our thinking, learning and doing something differently.

Verint & Vitality Health

2024 Partnership Awards

This collaborative and professional partnership has revolutionised back office operations and enhanced customer experiences at Vitality Health. The deployment of Verint Operational Manager has given visibility, streamlined processes, improved data analytics, and facilitated better demand planning. The outcome was not only a substantial increase in operational efficiency but also a significant reduction in customer complaint resolution times, reduced from two months to 72 hours. A strong sense of professionalism and a governance framework has been key to delivering and demonstrating the success of this implementation.

CMS and Student Loans

2024 Partnership Awards

This strong, responsive, and mature partnership has delivered the first ever integration of the OPX back-office system with NICE, and the first integration that NICE has had with a back-office system. Student Loans now has full visibility of staff across the estate, allowing for the dynamic allocation of staff to different roles based on changing needs and operational priorities. Frequent and transparent communication at many levels, and easy access for the SLC team with CMS developers really helped to deliver a solution that meets their customers’ needs. ROI is very impressive, with £925k in year one and savings of up to £3.6m per annum.

Kat McCarron at Hiscox

2024 Planning Awards

Kat led initiatives to enhance planning for admin and outbound calling, improving efficiency and customer service. By scheduling dedicated admin time and implementing an outbound booking tool, agents experienced reduced pressure and increased productivity. Collaboration with the operations team streamlined referrals, while understanding underwriters’ workload improved processes and built stronger relationships.

Leeds Bradford Airport Planning Team

2024 Planning Awards

This team revolutionised operations by adopting data-driven planning, refining stakeholder engagement, and streamlining processes, planning for security operations. Customer satisfaction saw huge improvements following queue times plummeting from 24 to 6.5 minutes and improved communication internally optimised resource planning and reduced errors. They removed inefficiencies, boosted employee satisfaction, and were able to attract high-quality recruits as a result. Through a culture of innovation and collaboration, they set a new standard for excellence in the aviation industry.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency at Leeds Bradford Airport

2024 Innovation & Transformation Awards

In a bid to bolster operational efficiency and foster employee engagement, Leeds Bradford Airport undertook a transformative journey built on core planning principles and operational effectiveness. Through candid discussions and strategic foresight, the team navigated challenges and harnessed opportunities, heralding a new era of organisational resilience and employee empowerment.