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Releasing potential in technology: make it work for customers & colleagues

Investment is huge but benefits only flow when our operating models and processes are re-designed to be data driven, and the human connection is concentrated where it’s most valued. As Chris Rainsforth reveals, digital transformation requires operational excellence. So how do we step up as professionals in planning, insight, knowledge sharing and quality control?

Partner Article: Rethinking hybrid work: Why we need an individualised approach for the long run

Matt Rumins, European Head of Customer Success at Intradiem

The best of both worlds. A terrific blend of the benefits of being in the office and working from home. The future of work.  

That’s what hybrid work was supposed to be. What it has actually turned out to be is a juggling act of multiple workplaces and no particular place to hang your hat. Working hybrid means constantly dealing with poor in-person office work conditions, frustrating commutes and a tax on workers’ mental health, among other concerns.  

Adaptive choice and the impact on life beyond work

Flexibility is one of the main reasons for contact centre productivity, but sometimes too much choice is a bad thing. Graeme Gabriel and David Kay explore how we can manage choice in scheduling so that it works for our people. This is adaptive choice.
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Business is a cooperative game

The ‘best people’ is a bad idea that refuses to die. Whilst the logic of a ‘best people’ strategy is seductive, the outcome is poor. So instead create the ‘best systems’ and build culture, explains James Lawther.
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Learning from the 2023 Awards

Watch at your own pace

The Forum is always looking for new and inspirational examples of organisations, teams and people raising standards and this year’s awards again demonstrated best-in-class examples of organisation innovation & transformation. This webinar will help you to learn more about the awards programme, including how to access the 68-short-listed finalists stories and hearing from the judges who supported the programme. As a learning organisation our responsibility is to make learning easy for you, and these award case studies provide practical ideas and solutions alongside their inspiring stories.
The 2024 Awards submission is open now, so why not get involved? Hear from this years participants on what it is like to be a finalist and what is involved in the process, alongside hearing what its like to be a judge.

How to share bad news

What happens when analysis says we are going to fail to achieve our goals no matter what we do? Ian Robertson shares insight from the Predictive Analysis Network about the costs of unrealistic targets.
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Partner Article: EvaluAgent Raises $20 Million to Fuel Continued Growth and Global Expansion in Contact Center Quality Assurance & Workforce Engagement

Series A Round from PeakSpan Capital Will Fund Investments in Quality Assurance & Agent Improvement Platform Capabilities to Serve Contact Centers of All Sizes

Partner Article: Revolutionising Customer Service Capacity Planning with Advanced Technologies

Revolutionising Customer Service Capacity Planning with Advanced Technologies

By Paul Milloy, Business Consultant at Intradiem

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The behavioural science of turning insights to action

How do we translate data into action? The Sabio team explore ways to generate actionable insight and embed new behaviours in our operations.

Partner Article: The Contact Company Selects Calabrio WFM to Power BPO Operations

Calabrio, the workforce performance company, has announced that business process outsourcer (BPO) The Contact Company (TCC) has selected Calabrio ONE software to support the company’s ambitious growth plans. TCC plans to implement a broad range of Calabrio’s automated, data-driven solutions to support the contact centre complexity of its growing client base and hybrid-working in a multi-channel customer service environment.