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Be better together!

We are each unique, one of a kind, so we don’t experience events in the same way. Yet we live in a complex, nuanced world, where working together has never been more important. Dawn Wray shares insights from the world of psychotherapy to explore the things we can ‘do’ to ‘be’ better together.
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How do we shape future operating models?

An operating model is like a set of playbooks. You layer down into the detail with a hierarchy of playbooks. You can evolve them step-by-step as your operating strategy requires.

Shaping the future: get on the front foot when facing change and uncertainty.

We see how operational playbooks prepare us, so we’re poised to take the best actions, not looking back and wondering what has happened.

Partner Article: Business Systems brings ForeSight Voice Mining to the UK market to unlock real time, actionable insights from voice communications

Business Systems signs a channel partner agreement with NTT TechnoCross Corporation, offering organisations the ability to unlock real time, actionable insights from their voice communications.  

Partner Article: Attrition in the Contact Center: Trends in Combatting Employee Turnover

A new hire leaves after 25 days on the job – or never shows up for their first day. Or perhaps an employee with five years at the company submits their resignation, taking their experience and knowledge with them. Whatever the scenario, attrition comes with high costs to teams and the enterprise. Download Centrical's Ebook to read their top tips on attrition.

Partner Article: How ChatGPT will transform customer service

The advent of ChatGPT seems to represent a quantum leap in the capacity of artificial intelligence (AI) to reshape the world we live in. Things are moving quickly, and organisations must begin now to think about how they can harness the power of AI to improve their performance beyond what basic process automation has long made possible. 

eGain Special Edition: Knowledge Management for Dummies

eGain Special Edition: Knowledge Management for Dummies - The first and only publication of its kind, this booklet defines and demystifies KM. It also discusses how to select solution partners and succeed in KM initiatives.The booklet is also chock full of real-world success stories and best-practice tips for success. 

Technology Showcase: QStory

Powering Game Changing Contact Centres. QStory will be showing you how to use next level automation to supercharge agent engagement and unlock maximum performance.

Technology Showcase: Sabio

WEM and wellbeing, understanding AX during operational change. Join Sabio's expert team to discover the power of their new and cutting-edge wellbeing technology.

Next generation shrinkage: understand the value of time

As planners do we see time away from the operation mainly as a cost to control? Instead, how could we analyse where each different area of shrinkage time is adding value? We need to look from the colleague as well as the customer and commercial point of view.

Dave Vernon explores how we can look at shrinkage as a value not a loss, and change how we think about shrinkage targets.