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Releasing Potential: collaboration, empowerment and shared purpose

Published on 27 April 2020

Releasing Potential: collaboration, empowerment and shared purpose

As we kick off twelve months of sharing member stories about how to achieve breakthrough, this 2017 guide reveals an unprecedented array of best practice. We showcase the outstanding achievements of winners and finalists in the three National Awards and the Innovation Awards. Releasing potential is the ethos for each of The Forum’s member programmes. We see astonishing results every week – from teams on the 2017 Challenge, students on the University Development Programmes, Standards Benchmarking, Accredited Professionals and all the different learning and development opportunities.

Collaborative Leadership

Above all, breakthrough comes at every level – you don’t need to be senior to be a leader. We can all have ideas, put them into practice and make a massive difference. Passionate people are at the heart of success, alongside clear-headed management of resources; this is how we release potential. At TUI, an extraordinary depth of engagement in Swansea, the hub of a new operating model, started from the point where the centre was about to close. Fighting back, they captured the imagination of the board and advisors are encouraged to share their ‘lightbulb’ moments.

“You need collaboration to release potential”, explains Richard Brimble, author of Understanding & Learning. “When you bring people together, you tap into the creativity and energy they each bring, you learn from different sources”. A rope is strong because it binds together several strands; it is easier to break a single thread, than a rope. Weaving of threads is what builds strength and draws the eye. At the Financial Conduct Authority, the QA team is collaborating, in the contact centre and beyond, to champion the use of customer insight. At HSBC, technical collaboration lies behind their success in becoming as agile as the challenger banks.

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First published in the 2017 Best Practice Guide Breakthrough: Releasing Potential.

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