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Forecasting in a volatile and uncertain world

The purpose of a forecast isn’t to predict the future, it is to prepare for it. A good forecast highlights the level of flexibility we need. This skill is vital as we face continuing waves of change.
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Partner Article: 7 tips for transitioning from fixed shifts to optimized schedules

The goal of workforce management (WFM) is to optimize the deployment of the most valuable - and costly - resource in every contact center: the employees.  That won’t happen unless you optimize the shifts of your employees. Yet we often see contact centers using old-fashioned fixed shifts and rotas even when they have a WFM system that enables more sophisticated scheduling. Why does that happen? Why is it a bad idea? And what is the best way to transition from fixed shifts to optimized schedules?

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Free webinar: Learn from our award-winning customers with Calabrio

Watch at your own pace

Calabrio customers swept The 2023 Forum Awards with 8 shortlisted and 4 wins, including the Department for Education and Hoover Candy who both picked up prestigious Planning awards. Join self-confessed WFO enthusiast and expert, Scott Budding, for a lively discussion on best practice from our award-winning customers, and live demonstration of the top capabilities of Calabrio's solution as voted by our users! 

How to be a great facilitator

We build strength in numbers when we collaborate and learn together. Good facilitation is a critical skill for all professionals, at any stage of their career.
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Partner Article: The Forum Webinar Operational Excellence Write Up

At a recent Strategy & Leadership discussion by The Forum, we focused on the theme “Strength in Numbers”, highlighting the crucial role of community and relationships in successfully navigating uncertainty - of which there has been an abundance of in recent times.

Be better together!

We are each unique, one of a kind, so we don’t experience events in the same way. Yet we live in a complex, nuanced world, where working together has never been more important. Dawn Wray shares insights from the world of psychotherapy to explore the things we can ‘do’ to ‘be’ better together.
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How do we shape future operating models?

An operating model is like a set of playbooks. You layer down into the detail with a hierarchy of playbooks. You can evolve them step-by-step as your operating strategy requires.

Shaping the future: get on the front foot when facing change and uncertainty.

We see how operational playbooks prepare us, so we’re poised to take the best actions, not looking back and wondering what has happened.

Partner Article: Business Systems brings ForeSight Voice Mining to the UK market to unlock real time, actionable insights from voice communications

Business Systems signs a channel partner agreement with NTT TechnoCross Corporation, offering organisations the ability to unlock real time, actionable insights from their voice communications.  

Partner Article: Attrition in the Contact Center: Trends in Combatting Employee Turnover

A new hire leaves after 25 days on the job – or never shows up for their first day. Or perhaps an employee with five years at the company submits their resignation, taking their experience and knowledge with them. Whatever the scenario, attrition comes with high costs to teams and the enterprise. Download Centrical's Ebook to read their top tips on attrition.