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Delivering Quality Feedback

Published on 12 September 2018

Delivering Quality Feedback

You’ve listened to the call, you’ve done the assessment against your quality framework and the feedback is ready. What do you do next?
Where Quality Assurance professionals are undertaking this activity, it seems that written feedback direct to the adviser is the most common way to do this. Usually through a portal/QA database where the adviser can log in and see the results of their assessments.
Increasingly however, we are seeing the Team Manager taking a more active role in this, either through conducting the assessments themselves, or by receiving the feedback from the QA team to then pass on to the adviser.
Whether delivered directly or indirectly, verbally or in written format, here are a few top tips when it comes to delivering feedback following QA assessments.
  1. Write to the recipient. If you’re providing written feedback for someone else to deliver, it can be very easy to say ‘Sal did this, Sal didn’t do this, Sal should have referred to this’ etc.  When we do this, we are disengaging from the recipient of the feedback and in doing so, we use different language. We subliminally tell ourselves that we don’t need to take into consideration the recipients feelings if we are not delivering the feedback ourselves. We pass the responsibility for the delivery (and acknowledgment of feelings) on to someone else. If we write in the second person however ‘you did this, you didn’t do this, you could have referred to this’ we are more likely to recognise where our language is a little abrupt, inappropriate or unhelpful and tailor it accordingly. Ultimately, the intent is for the adviser to deliver the best possible customer experience and the more we can help with that, the better.
  2. Be specific. Be clear about what the person did well, and what they could have done better. This is not the same as being blunt, but is about being clear in your feedback as to what worked, and what didn’t. Try the model www-ebi, what went well? Even better if…  in the summary, state three things that went well and no more than three things that could be improved. Keep the language positive – talk about what they could do in the future not what they should have done in the past.
  3. What? So What? Now What? Known as Driscoll’s model of reflection (Borton, 1970) this can be used well in feedback. Giving someone feedback without explaining the implications of their actions and not agreeing next steps is never going to be as effective as when all three steps are covered.

Example. You didn’t complete ID&V so the call is a fail. Vs. You didn’t complete ID&V (What) so we couldn’t be certain that we were speaking with the account holder and this puts the business at financial and reputational risk (So What). How can you make sure that this is covered in future calls? (Now what)
Of course, what’s important is what happens on the back of the feedback, be that coaching support, process improvements or system changes to make the customer and colleague experience even better.
What are your top tips when feeding back Quality assessments?

Author: Nicola Callan

Date Published: 12/09/2018

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