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How do we shape future operating models?

An operating model is like a set of playbooks. You layer down into the detail with a hierarchy of playbooks. You can evolve them step-by-step as your operating strategy requires.

Shaping the future: get on the front foot when facing change and uncertainty.

We see how operational playbooks prepare us, so we’re poised to take the best actions, not looking back and wondering what has happened.

Interactive Keynote: One Workforce - The Future of Customer Contact?

Verint explore how to engage customers in the right way at the right time by removing role and people silos to increase capacity, flexibility, and agility

Technology Showcase - NICE

Forecasting and AI working together to drive Accuracy.

Technology Showcase: QStory

Powering Game Changing Contact Centres. QStory will be showing you how to use next level automation to supercharge agent engagement and unlock maximum performance.

Technology Showcase: Sabio

WEM and wellbeing, understanding AX during operational change. Join Sabio's expert team to discover the power of their new and cutting-edge wellbeing technology.

Keynote: Strength in Numbers

Hear from The Forum team on this year's theme - Strength in Numbers, The Value of Community and what this personally means to them.

Next generation shrinkage: understand the value of time

As planners do we see time away from the operation mainly as a cost to control? Instead, how could we analyse where each different area of shrinkage time is adding value? We need to look from the colleague as well as the customer and commercial point of view.

Dave Vernon explores how we can look at shrinkage as a value not a loss, and change how we think about shrinkage targets.

Next generation productivity: how operational playbooks & real-time automation help our people grow

Powerful member stories reveal a sea-change in empowering operational teams and developing the role of real-time in our new hybrid world. Alison Conaghan and Dave Vernon explore the operational end of the planning cycle.

Strength in numbers the value of community

We build strength when we focus on how we collaborate and who we do this with. When we bring together trusted data, analysis and insight alongside a group of people with a collective desire to improve, we can achieve greatness.