A-Z On-Demand Modules

See the list below of the available on-demand modules. Join the courses as online modules for just £45pp and pace yourself, with learning modules every month or quarter, to build a development plan for the year that is bespoke to your needs. If you missed the live module you can watch the recording below. Click on any link to view the recorded module.

Accuracy & Confidence
Advanced Forecasting Techniques And Analysis Tools
Advanced Vol & Flex Balancing Strategies
Benchmarking Shrinkage
Bottom Up V Top Down Planning
Building And Optimising Real-Time RAG Models
Communication Planning
Conformance & Adherence Value & Management Methods
Data Visualisation
Dealing With Ad Hoc Requests
Delivering Value With Targets
Descriptive Statistics - Part 1
Descriptive Statistics - Part 2a
Descriptive Statistics - Part 2b
Descriptive Statistics - Part 2c
Driving Strategy Through Capacity Planning
Driving Strategy Through Forecasting
Driving Strategy Through Real-time
Emotional Engagement & The Power Of Stories
Erlang V Linear
Forecastable Metrics
Forecasting & Predictability
How To Drive Engagement Though Shift Review
Identifying Opportunities From Patterns & Exceptions
Introduction To Advanced Vol & Flex Balancing Mathematics
Introduction To Capacity Planning
Introduction To Forecasting (With Lessons From The Best In Class)
Introduction To Influencing Skills
Introduction To Real-Time
Introduction To Scheduling (With Lessons From The Best In Class)
Introduction To Shrinkage
Introduction To Stakeholder Management
Introduction To The Insight Cycle
Introduction To The Planning Cycle
Managing Assumptions
Measure Of Success In Capacity Planning
Measures Of Success For MI And Insight
Measures Of Success For Real Time
Measures Of Success For Scheduling
Measures Of Success In Forecasting
Measures Of Success: Balanced Scorecards
Operating & Budget Plans
Operating Models, Routing Strategies And Skill Design
Performance Records, Data Tables, Rigour And Governance
Planning & Tracking Shrinkage
Predictability Of Events
Principles Of Persuasion
Root Cause Analysis
Scheduling & Flexibility Toolkit
Shrinkage Calculations
Shrinkage: Tracking, Managing And Optimising
Target Typology
The Four Lens Model – Delivering The Company’s Strategy
The Pattern Of Great Presentations
The Planning Wheel (Shrinkage)
The Pyramid Principle For Effective Communication
The Quality & Improvement Cycle
The Strategy Pyramid
Threshold & Contingencies
Tiered Shrinkage
Understanding & Managing Sample Bias
Understanding People (Including How To Say No)
Understanding The Flexibility Toolkit
Understanding Your Volatility & Flexibility
Using RAG Models To Take Action
Volatility And Flex In Real Time

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