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QStory & Jet2holidays

2024 Partnership Awards

A mature and established partnership between QStory and Jet2holidays delivered an extremely successful intraday automation implementation, which has been a great enabler for Jet2holidays homeworking model. Once they had a better visibility of their absence, QStory supported Jet2holidays with the establishment of a centralised absence management function SMART. The QStory policy of retaining 30% of developer time to be available to work on customer requests has been a real enabler for this change, ROI and stakeholder impact has been positive. Jet2holidays are so delighted that QStory were awarded one of their coveted supplier awards.

NICE and BT Group

2024 Partnership Awards

Driven by a goal to discover whether NICE’s NEVA technology could be used to support scheduling activities, NICE and BT Group worked together as one team to design a solution. By adopting NICE’s NEVA technology, they were able to reduce the number of interdependent systems, remove transactional work, and create new skills and career development opportunities for schedulers to learn robotics. This venture was built on mutual respect, open communication, and shared goals, and created a new use case for NEVA which works for BT Group and which NICE can share with their customers.

Davies & TJX

2024 Partnership Awards

In a strategic collaboration, global retailer TJX and Davies revolutionised employee onboarding, focussing on decentralised training and soft skills. Incorporating digital learning and aligning with cultural values, they achieved a 300% investment return, which included a reduction in the glide path to productivity in the contact centre from 8 weeks to 6 weeks. This partnership not only enhanced employee engagement and customer service for TK Maxx and HomeSense but also established new benchmarks for training excellence, an increase in empathy and rapport with customers with a positive impact oncustomer loyalty.

CMS and Student Loans

2024 Partnership Awards

This strong, responsive, and mature partnership has delivered the first ever integration of the OPX back-office system with NICE, and the first integration that NICE has had with a back-office system. Student Loans now has full visibility of staff across the estate, allowing for the dynamic allocation of staff to different roles based on changing needs and operational priorities. Frequent and transparent communication at many levels, and easy access for the SLC team with CMS developers really helped to deliver a solution that meets their customers’ needs. ROI is very impressive, with £925k in year one and savings of up to £3.6m per annum.

Business Systems & Motorway

2024 Partnership Awards

Through partnering with Business Systems to implement Calabrio, Motorway has experienced significant improvements in their WFM and Planning operations. These include substantial improvements to adherence, equivalent to 30 FTE per week, a considerable increase in the efficiency of internal processes such as holiday requests, and the fostering of an overall more positive work environment resulting in greater employee satisfaction and improved customer service. Through innovative problem-solving and dedicated teamwork, they overcame challenges in integrating systems, delivering significant operational improvements and financial benefits. Shared goals and a willingness to “walk in their customers’ shoes” were key elements of this successful partnership – we understand that Neil did get a good price for his car!

Chantal Lowson at Macmillan Cancer Support

2024 Data, Analytics & Insight Awards

Chantal’s leadership journey at Macmillan Cancer Support showcases her transformative approach to management. Transitioning from a single Data Analyst Insights team to leading three specialist teams, she exemplifies embracing change, fostering trust, and leveraging technology for organisational improvement. Her strategy prioritises people, performance, and continuous learning, demonstrating the impact of multifunctional teams and data-driven decisions. Chantal’s story is a testament to the power of leadership in navigating challenges and driving substantial business improvements.

Steven Hunter at Hiscox

2024 Data, Analytics & Insight Awards

At Hiscox, Steven transformed corporate planning by adopting advanced methodologies and improving data management. His benchmarking efforts and use of the Minto Pyramid Principle for communication enhanced strategic operations in the UK. Steven’s initiative underscored the importance of innovation and foresight, driving Hiscox towards operational excellence and sustainable growth. This case highlights the significance of strategic planning and data-driven decision-making in the competitive business landscape.

The AA Forecasting Team

2024 Data, Analytics & Insight Awards

The AA’s forecasting team has been pivotal in optimising breakdown services through a predictive model linking weather data to breakdowns, improving resource allocation and response times. Their analysis has driven digital advancements, streamlining operations and enhancing customer interactions by filtering simpler queries online. They also evaluate economic and market trends for strategic planning. This work ensures The AA adapts efficiently to customer needs and maintains leadership in service excellence, highlighting the team’s essential role in operational and strategic decisions.

Benenden Health Be Smart Programme

2024 Improvement & Quality Awards

Benenden Health’s Be Smart programme revolutionises healthcare service delivery by fostering a culture of continuous improvement and member satisfaction. Shifting from centralised change management, it empowers individuals across the organisation through a network of champions, covering 75% of business functions. This initiative has yielded significant results, including £165K savings and a 441% increase in return-on-investment by 2023, demonstrating the effectiveness of embedding a culture of proactive change and engagement across all levels.

Kirsty Ritchie at Wheatley Housing

2024 Planning Awards

Kirsty has led on optimisation, by removing inefficient tasks to allow more value-add activities like extending the planning window and gaining the benefits like planning for recruitment. Her focus on longer term planning ensures that peak is now well managed and easier for all. Kirsty is well respected and is committed not only to continuous learning & development but also to sharing skills and new learning with her peers.