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Free Webinar - NPS surveys are dead. What next? with Evaluagent

19th June 2024, 12:00

Post-interaction surveys have never been all that reliable – but with no satisfactory alternative, contact center leaders have had nowhere else to turn.
Until now.
Just because the survey is dead it doesn’t mean NPS has to be… AI is changing up contact center processes in unprecedented ways. From auto-scoring to coaching tips, it has the capacity to completely change the end-to-end QA process. A big part of this is shaping the future of customer insight.

Free Webinar: Workforce Optimisation - Taking Planning to the next level in partnership with Sabio

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Join us for an exclusive webinar with The Forum and Sabio Optimisation Services to discover how to take your workforce planning to the next level! Most organisations do not unlock the full potential of their Planning function. Join us to hear how we apply an established methodology to support Planning teams to ensure they create outputs that achieve maximum benefit and help identify and drive operational efficiencies.

Free Webinar: Supporting Vulnerable Customers. How UK PowerNetworks delivers outstanding, inclusive services in partnership with Calabrio

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Vulnerable customers are at greater risk of harm due to financial, health or capability constraints. It is vital organisations understand how to identify vulnerable customers and tailor their services to provide additional support. 

Join Shaunna Wilson at Business Systems, Scott Budding at Calabrio, and Jamie Airey at UK Power Networks to understand how UK Power Networks became leaders in their field in terms of supporting vulnerable customers. Discover how their use of technology, agent training and collaborative working helps lead to positive customer and business outcomes across all channels. 

 - Defining vulnerability and addressing the common challenges
 - Strategies for training and supporting contact centre advisors
 - Advice on innovative solutions and best practices for contact centre operations to build trust, loyalty and effective communication.
 - Q&A 

Free Webinar: Contact Centre Scheduling: What You Need to Know in 2024 in partnership with injixo

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Are you considering what flexibility options are right for your colleagues whilst being there for your customers and delivering your organisation’s financial requirements? Are you considering Introducing workforce strategies such as shorter working weeks, self-scheduling or flexible shifts into your contact centre? Join a panel of #wfm industry experts to hear the latest thinking on those topics and real-life examples from their wealth of experience.”

From this session you should be able to understand the challenges these strategies were looking to overcome, the approach that was taken to implement these and the results that were delivered.

Free Webinar: Challenges encountered running a remote/hybrid workforce in partnership with Calabrio

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Join Scott Budding at Calabrio, Kim Baker at L&Q, Leighann Radley at Trainline and Phil Anderson at The Forum for a lively, interactive discussion on;

 - ​​​​​​Top challenges with planning this year and expectations for 2024.
 - Has remote working caused a drop in productivity?
 - Thoughtful approaches to managing and accepting attrition.
 - Future possibilities with AI – what role does it play in planning and forecasting?

Free Webinar: Lessons learnt from managing one of the UK’s largest home-based contact centres with Jet2 Holidays in partnership with QStory

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Join Louise Smith from Jet2 Holidays as she chats to QStory’s Nick Ashmore in this insight-packed 30 minute session
- From surviving to thriving – getting agent wellbeing right in a home working environment 
- Transforming the role of team leaders and creating new support departments
- How to move everyone to home working in 3 days
- Realising they had an absenteeism black hole and how they resolved it

Free webinar: Learn from our award-winning customers with Calabrio

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Calabrio customers swept The 2023 Forum Awards with 8 shortlisted and 4 wins, including the Department for Education and Hoover Candy who both picked up prestigious Planning awards. Join self-confessed WFO enthusiast and expert, Scott Budding, for a lively discussion on best practice from our award-winning customers, and live demonstration of the top capabilities of Calabrio's solution as voted by our users! 

Free Webinar: Strength in Numbers – Best practice for your planning function! in partnership with CCMA Ireland

4th May 2023, 12pm

Join Phil Anderson and Dave Vernon, Directors at The Forum for a lively discussion about:-
 - Preference and choice, an introduction to our 8 key considerations for a workforce strategy
 - Forecasting and shaping the future, how to create a strategy which offers the flexibility and agility to respond to changes, known and unknown.
 - The value of shrinkage and the power of playbooks – how to be more forward thinking and engage with your stakeholders.

Free Webinar in partnership with NICE: KPIs and how they drive the narrative of performance

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In this session we will look at the relationship between KPIs and how they are influenced by the context that they are measured in. Join Graeme Gabriel, WFO Solutions Consultant from NICE and Phil Anderson Director at The Forum for a lively and interesting discussion touching on;

- KPI Interdependence
- OKR to KPI
- Context is everything
- KPI Matrix

Free Webinar: Resilience 2.0 - In It Together in partnership with Sabio

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Resilience 2.0 - In It Together ... the power of community, identity and control
 - Setting the scene - Agent Experience (AX) in the contact centre today.  The cost of poor agent mental health and the opportunity for change.
 - Resilience as a team sport - the importance of creating an environment where agents can be their best.
 - The power of data in creating this environment - and in driving a systematic approach to wellbeing.
 - Key Takeaways - what can I do today?