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Free Webinar: Breakdown to Breakthrough with Rising Vibe

Published on 24 March 2022

Free Webinar: Breakdown to Breakthrough with Rising Vibe

24th March 2022, 12pm

Event date: 24/03/2022 12:00 - 13:00 Export event

Goals, targets, outcomes and objectives are important. Having a focus and something to aim for is motivating for most people. However according to research 98% of us will die without fulfilling our dreams* and only 8% of people achieve their goals.**
So why is this? Based on our experience working with many individuals, and entire organisations, it’s all about trying to do too much too quickly. Baby stepping might not be as sexy as a quantum leap, however it is a sure way to move forwards.
In this webinar we will explore:
 - The difference between a baby step and a quantum leap
 - The impact of negativity bias on our motivation
 - The 4 steps to define the perfect baby step outcome
 - How to breakdown our barriers to breakthrough and move forwards using the Rising Vibrational Scale
*Wealth Research Group **University of Scranton


Lou Banks, Rising Vibe
Lou is passionate about helping your business get to grips with emotion. Tackle thoughts. Address feelings. Because when this happens it can have a huge impact on business performance.

An articulate, high-energy communicator, Lou instigates the conversations that matter. She invites the elephant into the room, sits it down in a big comfy chair and makes it a nice cup of tea. Lou helps individuals, teams and entire organisations think about how our thoughts and feelings drive the way in which we behave and ultimately, how we show up at work.

Lou Banks is the Founder and Director of Rising Vibe Ltd. When she isn’t raising vibrations in the workplace you may find her walking her dog, sweating in a spin class or enjoying a double G&T with fresh lime, a decent tonic and most importantly, good friends.

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