Strategy Analyst Modules

Understanding the benefits of working at a strategic level. These webinars are designed to help everyone in analytical roles become a more active contributor to their organisation’s strategy, to gain a place at the top table.

Steven Hunter at Hiscox

2024 Data, Analytics & Insight Awards

At Hiscox, Steven transformed corporate planning by adopting advanced methodologies and improving data management. His benchmarking efforts and use of the Minto Pyramid Principle for communication enhanced strategic operations in the UK. Steven’s initiative underscored the importance of innovation and foresight, driving Hiscox towards operational excellence and sustainable growth. This case highlights the significance of strategic planning and data-driven decision-making in the competitive business landscape.

The AA Forecasting Team

2024 Data, Analytics & Insight Awards

The AA’s forecasting team has been pivotal in optimising breakdown services through a predictive model linking weather data to breakdowns, improving resource allocation and response times. Their analysis has driven digital advancements, streamlining operations and enhancing customer interactions by filtering simpler queries online. They also evaluate economic and market trends for strategic planning. This work ensures The AA adapts efficiently to customer needs and maintains leadership in service excellence, highlighting the team’s essential role in operational and strategic decisions.

Benenden Health Be Smart Programme

2024 Improvement & Quality Awards

Benenden Health’s Be Smart programme revolutionises healthcare service delivery by fostering a culture of continuous improvement and member satisfaction. Shifting from centralised change management, it empowers individuals across the organisation through a network of champions, covering 75% of business functions. This initiative has yielded significant results, including £165K savings and a 441% increase in return-on-investment by 2023, demonstrating the effectiveness of embedding a culture of proactive change and engagement across all levels.

Kirsty Ritchie at Wheatley Housing

2024 Planning Awards

Kirsty has led on optimisation, by removing inefficient tasks to allow more value-add activities like extending the planning window and gaining the benefits like planning for recruitment. Her focus on longer term planning ensures that peak is now well managed and easier for all. Kirsty is well respected and is committed not only to continuous learning & development but also to sharing skills and new learning with her peers.

Michelle Adshead at VitalityHealth

2024 Planning Awards

Michelle led a pioneering project, promoting work-life balance by empowering employees to choose their shifts. Positive feedback ensued, prompting the implementation of a shift swap feature for enhanced efficiency. Work-life balance scores provided valuable insights, demonstrating the organisation’s commitment to employee well-being. Michelle’s adaptability and vision earned widespread acclaim.

Kevin White at VitalityHealth

2024 Planning Awards

Kevin showcases leadership through strategic team expansion and talent development. Learning from industry best practices, he diversified his team’s experiences, leading to innovative channels like WhatsApp. Internal training and personalised development plans ensure a robust talent pipeline. Kevin encourages individual growth, allowing flexible transitions within the team which stakeholders paid tribute to. Kevin’s commitment to excellence promises a future of continued success and adaptability.

Sam Collings at OVO Energy

2024 Planning Awards

Sam renewed the approach to recruitment and training. With her approach, the blend of weekend and remote workers has enhanced operational efficiency and relieved pressure on agents whilst improving morale. Embracing social media, they maintained service levels and reduced contact volume, achieving a 70% satisfaction rate and a 33% decrease in queries. Sam’s data analytics have driven continuous improvement, enabling personalised service and proactive customer engagement.

Alex Gold at OVO Energy

2024 Planning Awards

OVO Energy, under Alex’s leadership, tackled integration challenges, fostering a culture of empowerment and innovation. Alex prioritised team empowerment, laying foundations for strategic decision-making and operational optimisation, with his goal for Shared Services to become ‘The Brain of the Operation’. Assessing teams for skills and mindset alignment, coupled with a focus on recognition and feedback, reinforced a customer-centric approach.

Lauren Laycock at NFU Mutual

2024 Planning Awards

Lauren doubled the complaints department’s headcount, guided by data-driven insights to enhance efficiency. Lauren’s adept stakeholder engagement gained trust and elevated operational performance. Her journey underscores adaptability, collaboration, and a commitment to continuous improvement, resulting in tangible outcomes such as improved service levels and complaint resolution rates.

Kieran Ridley at Newcastle Building Society

2024 Planning Awards

Transitioning from operational backgrounds to strategic planning, Kieran embraced change and innovation while navigating integration challenges. He implemented Workforce Management solutions, streamlined processes, and introduced a centralised bereavement team to enhance service delivery and mitigate risks. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency in forecasting, he demonstrated resilience and adaptability in managing staffing levels and call volumes. Continuous learning and improvement underscore his commitment.