Strategy Analyst Modules

Understanding the benefits of working at a strategic level. These webinars are designed to help everyone in analytical roles become a more active contributor to their organisation’s strategy, to gain a place at the top table.

CMS and Student Loans

2024 Partnership Awards

This strong, responsive, and mature partnership has delivered the first ever integration of the OPX back-office system with NICE, and the first integration that NICE has had with a back-office system. Student Loans now has full visibility of staff across the estate, allowing for the dynamic allocation of staff to different roles based on changing needs and operational priorities. Frequent and transparent communication at many levels, and easy access for the SLC team with CMS developers really helped to deliver a solution that meets their customers’ needs. ROI is very impressive, with £925k in year one and savings of up to £3.6m per annum.

Kat McCarron at Hiscox

2024 Planning Awards

Kat led initiatives to enhance planning for admin and outbound calling, improving efficiency and customer service. By scheduling dedicated admin time and implementing an outbound booking tool, agents experienced reduced pressure and increased productivity. Collaboration with the operations team streamlined referrals, while understanding underwriters’ workload improved processes and built stronger relationships.

Leeds Bradford Airport Planning Team

2024 Planning Awards

This team revolutionised operations by adopting data-driven planning, refining stakeholder engagement, and streamlining processes, planning for security operations. Customer satisfaction saw huge improvements following queue times plummeting from 24 to 6.5 minutes and improved communication internally optimised resource planning and reduced errors. They removed inefficiencies, boosted employee satisfaction, and were able to attract high-quality recruits as a result. Through a culture of innovation and collaboration, they set a new standard for excellence in the aviation industry.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency at Leeds Bradford Airport

2024 Innovation & Transformation Awards

In a bid to bolster operational efficiency and foster employee engagement, Leeds Bradford Airport undertook a transformative journey built on core planning principles and operational effectiveness. Through candid discussions and strategic foresight, the team navigated challenges and harnessed opportunities, heralding a new era of organisational resilience and employee empowerment.

Enhancing Efficiency and Engagement across 169 Branches at Bank of Ireland

2024 Innovation & Transformation Awards

Bank of Ireland has embarked on a transformative journey aimed at enhancing efficiency, transparency, and employee engagement across its branch network. Through the implementation of new systems and working practices, the bank is not only streamlining operations but also fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.

Operational Readiness

This video is to accompany the article in the 2024 Best Practice Guide: Shaping the Future

Technology Showcase: NICE

Originally broadcast Wednesday 11th October, 12:30

Graeme and Colin will talk about the differences in requirements for delayed response contacts and how NICE WFM is supporting them.

Interactive Keynote: Davies

Originally broadcast Monday 9th October, 12:30

Generative AI and the Contact Centre Experience
Join Mark Odlin from Davies as he delves into the transformative power of generative AI in the modern contact centre.

Keynote: The Value of Community

In this opening keynote, The Forum team members will discuss the importance of community.

Originally broadcast Monday 9th October, 09:30

In this opening keynote, The Forum team members will discuss the importance of community. They will provide practical advice to help you expand your connections within and beyond your organisation.

The 2023 Back Office Conundrum

Join Corporate Modelling Services on our Webinar, as Alex Allen and Paul Barrow delve into the challenges faced by back-office and operational teams across multiple service industries in 2023.