One-day Workshops

Benefit from face-to-face interaction on these one-day workshops, which include a free group mentoring call after 6-10 weeks. Often run in-house, some are scheduled as public courses, like Telling A story with Numbers.


Intro to the Planning Cycle

Date TBC

Learn the role planning plays in implementing your strategic objectives.  Understand the importance of your role and how you can help others.
 - Understand how the strategic objective is implemented into a forecasting, scheduling and real-time plan.
 - Learn about the importance of effective data checkpoints, change governance and hand-overs 
 - Play apart in driving continuous improvement and become the nerve-centre of the business

Telling Stories with numbers

In this webinar we explore techniques for presenting and communicating data to support turning insight into action.  These include:

- The Pyramid Principle
- Emotional Engagement
- The Pattern of Great Presentations

Introduction to Coaching

Date TBC

Learn how adopting a coaching approach when communicating with others can help you support and be supported by your peers and deploy a different technique when looking at root cause analysis. Learn about the versatility and benefits of taking a non-directive approach in your communication.

Introduction to Stakeholder Management

Date TBC

This course provides an overview of the fundamental components of successful stakeholder management. Learning outcomes include:

- The value of Stakeholder Identification

- Fundamentals of stakholder mapping

- The benefits of stakeholder influencing

Gathering Qualitative Feedback

Date TBC

Hear about different methods for collecting information along with the pitfalls to avoid. Learn how to engage with your stakeholder to gather feedback and information to improve your planning.

- Understand different methods for gathering feedback

- Improve your questioning skills and start to gather honest usable feedback

- Learn how to gather feedback that make you feel good

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