Planning for COVID-19

Webinar Series

Planning for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us, the changes and impacts will continue for some time. It’s during times like this when you need you remember that you are part of a community of best practice, so don’t be alone. The Forum is your friendly, safe environment for sharing ideas, top tips and pitfalls to avoid. In this time of uncertainty its important that we collaborate and work together, bringing together ideas and use this time as an opportunity to learn and continue to raise standards. 

 We have designed three short series of learning academy modules, along with a top-tips & pitfalls to avoid for homeworking webinar and then a virtual networking group to help you. Phil Anderson has written an article about some of the considerations you might need to make. 

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How to unlock value in moving to the cloud

In such a complex technology marketplace, how do we make the right strategic choices? Nigel Medforth uncovers how to set yourself up for success with a customer and user-led IT project, and not the other way around.

Data & AI: game-changing opportunities?

Emerging technologies use data in new ways and many benefits flow from this. We can tap into new sources of insight. Automation can transform how we plan resources. So what are the opportunities? And how do we release this potential?

Interactive Keynote: AI & Machine Learning

Originally broadcast Wednesday 11th October, 14:30

In this keynote we will be hearing from David Bruce and Alfy Reid from NEA Consulting to explore recent developments in AI, how it's being applied, the risks to consider and what the future might look like.

Interactive Keynote: Uniphore

Originally broadcast Wednesday 11th October, 13:30

Generative AI - Your trusted co-pilot for transformative customer and employee experiences.

Interactive Keynote: Davies

Originally broadcast Monday 9th October, 12:30

Generative AI and the Contact Centre Experience
Join Mark Odlin from Davies as he delves into the transformative power of generative AI in the modern contact centre.

Keynote: The Value of Community

In this opening keynote, The Forum team members will discuss the importance of community.

Originally broadcast Monday 9th October, 09:30

In this opening keynote, The Forum team members will discuss the importance of community. They will provide practical advice to help you expand your connections within and beyond your organisation.

Learning from the 2023 Awards

Watch at your own pace

The Forum is always looking for new and inspirational examples of organisations, teams and people raising standards and this year’s awards again demonstrated best-in-class examples of organisation innovation & transformation. This webinar will help you to learn more about the awards programme, including how to access the 68-short-listed finalists stories and hearing from the judges who supported the programme. As a learning organisation our responsibility is to make learning easy for you, and these award case studies provide practical ideas and solutions alongside their inspiring stories.
The 2024 Awards submission is open now, so why not get involved? Hear from this years participants on what it is like to be a finalist and what is involved in the process, alongside hearing what its like to be a judge.

Technology Showcase - NICE

Forecasting and AI working together to drive Accuracy.

Originally broadcast Tuesday 16th May 2023, 13:15

Forecasting and AI working together to drive Accuracy. Join Colin and Graeme from NICE as they will  be demonstrating the role of data and AI in the forecasting process, and how it drives improved accuracy.