Planning for COVID-19

Webinar Series

Planning for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us, the changes and impacts will continue for some time. It’s during times like this when you need you remember that you are part of a community of best practice, so don’t be alone. The Forum is your friendly, safe environment for sharing ideas, top tips and pitfalls to avoid. In this time of uncertainty its important that we collaborate and work together, bringing together ideas and use this time as an opportunity to learn and continue to raise standards. 

 We have designed three short series of learning academy modules, along with a top-tips & pitfalls to avoid for homeworking webinar and then a virtual networking group to help you. Phil Anderson has written an article about some of the considerations you might need to make. 

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Beware of Bias

Bias influences every decision we make, every piece of analysis we do and every conversation we have. And if you are reading this and thinking “not me” then this is an example of the objectivity illusion. This is a tendency for people to believe that they are more objective and less biased than others. 

Operational readiness: managing volatility

Those of you who have seen any of our content around forecasting from the past year will have heard this phrase. The role of any planning or improvement team is to make sure we are ready and prepared. In this article we will be exploring the concept of operational readiness. How do we know, if we are ready for the future.

Partner Article: Calabrio Introduces AI-Driven Bot Analytics to Enhance Quality Management

Calabrio, the workforce performance company, announced its new suite of Bot Analytics tools for Quality Management (QM). Bot Analytics gives contact centres more performance data and insights to streamline and enhance the user experience.  

Calabrio’s Bot Analytics helps monitor and improve the performance and quality of chatbots and voicebots; organising all transcript conversations into topics, simplifying the review process, and making it easier to address issues efficiently.  

Endnote: Shaping the future: supporting your best next actions

Originally broadcast on Friday 17th May, 12:30.

Rounding off the virtual conference and first stage of this year's best practice programme with inspiration, ideas and clear next steps. This endnote will support your learning, and give you takeaway ideas on how to turn this into an action plan. 

Technology Showcase: Business Systems

Originally broadcast on Tuesday 14th May, 13:15

In this session, Business Systems is joined by Zen Internet to discuss Zen’s Workforce Engagement Management transformation journey and how the business has improved employee engagement, customer experience, efficiencies and time savings through the right partnership and Workforce Management solution. 

Technology Showcase: Calabrio

Originally broadcast on Tuesday 14th May, 12:30

Scott Budding from Calabrio reveals the latest Contact Centre trends. Drawing from real-life examples of award-winning Calabrio customers, Scott will showcase CX best practices. 

Technology Showcase: Sabio

Originally broadcast Monday 13th May, 12:30

Even with the best schedule, things often don't go according to plan! Learn how Sabio's Mission Control can compliment your Genesys Cloud solution to support your real-time management process. We'll take you through delivering on-the-fly skill and routing changes, as well as the upcoming 'Dynamic SLA Routing' feature which automatically reskills, based on SLA performance.

Opening Keynote: Shaping the Future

Originally broadcast Monday 13th May, 09:30

How can we prepare ourselves for whatever happens? How can we think forward and be confident with our best next decisions?

Hear from The Forum’s team of Specialists as they each share their inspiration thoughts on how to Shape the Future.