Operational Team Leader & Manager Learning Programme

The aim of this learning programme is to support the operational Team Leaders and Managers understand the key dynamic of operational effectiveness and basic planning principles. Focusing on the “Power of 1” and the difference each person can make to the achievement of organisational objectives, customer outcomes and colleague experience. The programme is designed around on-demand virtual learning modules, which can be interacted with over the duration of the programme. To embed the learning, support sharing of ideas and promote a transformation of understanding there will be live group virtual tutorial workshops with The Forum specialist team. On successful completion of watching and interacting with three learning modules, attending and actively participating in the 2-tutorials plus the completion a short learning journal, delegates will become Professionally Accredited at the Foundation Level. Prices start at £75 per person.

Influence the Power of One

Published on 04 June 2021

Influence the Power of One

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Understand how to work in collaboration with different parts of your organisation to widen the understanding of the Power of 1 and become more effective. This module is designed to help you realise the importance of working with stakeholders.
 - Understand the key information to support stakeholders.
 - Improve your questioning skills to help stakeholder support you.
 - Develop a continuous learning framework to ensure understanding and learning.

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