Operational Team Leader & Manager Learning Programme

The aim of this learning programme is to support the operational Team Leaders and Managers understand the key dynamic of operational effectiveness and basic planning principles. Focusing on the “Power of 1 & The Shrinkage Wheel”, the difference each person can make to the achievement of organisational objectives, customer outcomes and colleague experience through effective influencing skills. The programme is designed around on-demand virtual learning modules, which can be interacted with over the duration of the programme. To further embed the learning, support sharing of ideas and promote a transformation of understanding - optional virtual tutorial workshops with The Forum specialist team can be added. Prices start at £75 per person.

On successful completion of this programme delegates will become Professionally Accredited at the Foundation Level. 

Introduction to The Forum

Hosted by Phil Anderson

Your introduction to The Forum and what we can do to help you

How to Learn

Hosted by Phil Anderson

Learning how to learns equally as important as unlearning bad habits and behaviours. Understanding different ways of learning can help you to become a confident learner. This module will help you to:

 - Understand what we mean by learning
 - Understand how to create the right mindset for developing
 - Give you top tips to becoming a better learner and making new knowledge stick

Influencing Skills

Hosted by Phil Anderson

Being able to influence the decision of others is a key skill for all professionals. In this module, learn the basic approaches which will allow your audience to process information in their own way, using their beliefs and memories to deliver great outcomes. This module will help you to:

 - Learn the difference between Tell, Ask ad Influence
 - Understand the importance of stakeholder mapping
 - Use different communication styles to influence and inform

Introduction to Shrinkage

Hosted by Phil Anderson

Shrinkage understanding & Management is crucial for Effective people planning. Often misunderstood and mismanaged, shrinkage can end up being viewed as a negative cost. This module will help you to:

 - Learn the critical factors of shrinkage management and the pitfalls to avoid
 - Improve your on-the-day decision making and see the result for your customers and colleagues
 - See the value of managing shrinkage and the return in investment that it can bring to your business

The Power of One

Teamwork and understanding the plan are critical to achieve strategic objectives.  However, too often this is left to chance and not an embedded behaviour. So easy to get wrong, fortunately easy to improve. This module will help you to:  

 - Understand the “power-of-one” and the impact of small changes.
 - Improve your on-the-day decision making and see the result for your customers and colleagues.
 - Learn the classic mistakes and how to overcome these