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Shaping the future: Fear, Ageing, Technology, and Hope

In summer 2023 I was at a conference with other gestalt therapists. The topic of AI, its impact on the world, and all of us, and how we might move toward and with it as a community came up. The discussion included the relationship that ageing and getting older has to our attitude on AI. In my opinion, AI is a proxy for Change and in some ways for the shape of the future. There were a lot of emotions in the room, including my own. I felt my anger rise: these ‘kids’ who were being talked about as adversely impacted by ‘how the world is and the inevitable change in the world’ are not another species, they are my kids, aged 13 and 14. Amazing young people who will have to find their path through an uncertain future. I was surprised by some of the strong reactions and responses in the room.
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How to win an award in less than 20 years!

In April 2007, Alison Conaghan and I attended The Forum’s annual Customer Strategy & Planning conference. Over the next two days we watched dozens of talks, keynotes, case studies, training events and, very importantly, the Innovation Awards ceremony. We learned a lot at that information-packed and inspiring event and walked away with our little  heads full of ideas to revolutionise WFM in our company. Above all though, that conference left us united by a single objective: to win the overall Innovation of the Year Award at the next Forum conference.
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2024 vision: a year of experimentation, data insights, and cloud challenges in the contact centre industry

As we step into a new year, the customer experience sector is gearing up for a transformative 12 months. It seems as though we talk about that every year – but I genuinely believe 2024 will finally live up to those expectations.

There’s been plenty of talking points in 2023; with the explosion of generative AI of course being the main one. However, this year we will see some real change in the industry.

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Partner Article: Calabrio integrates its software with Avaya Experience Platform Public Cloud

Calabrio has announced that it has integrated another solution with Avaya as part of its longstanding relationship with the leader in customer experience and communications solutions. This one sees the award-winning Calabrio Workforce Management (WFM) solution integrate with Avaya Experience Platform™ (AXP) Public Cloud in a milestone collaboration that will revolutionise the landscape for contact centres looking to innovate and modernise in the cloud. 

Eight top AI use cases for contact centres

The contact centre is where the big opportunities lie for AI. Here, we have the perfect mix of business appetite, technology readiness and customer value. It’s a nobrainer. This run through should help any contact centre or CX leader understand where and how AI can help you improve customer experience and increase operational efficiencies.

Navigating a Customer Experience transformation

Customers increasingly expect brands to deliver support that helps them solve issues as quickly as possible and doesn’t require them to waste time on the phone with human call agents. To meet these rising expectations, many brands have undergone—or plan to undergo—a customer experience transformation, using lessons learned from evolving customer requirements to deploy tools that deliver on their demands.

Beware of Bias

Bias influences every decision we make, every piece of analysis we do and every conversation we have. And if you are reading this and thinking “not me” then this is an example of the objectivity illusion. This is a tendency for people to believe that they are more objective and less biased than others. 

Operational readiness: managing volatility

Those of you who have seen any of our content around forecasting from the past year will have heard this phrase. The role of any planning or improvement team is to make sure we are ready and prepared. In this article we will be exploring the concept of operational readiness. How do we know, if we are ready for the future.

Partner Article: Calabrio Introduces AI-Driven Bot Analytics to Enhance Quality Management

Calabrio, the workforce performance company, announced its new suite of Bot Analytics tools for Quality Management (QM). Bot Analytics gives contact centres more performance data and insights to streamline and enhance the user experience.  

Calabrio’s Bot Analytics helps monitor and improve the performance and quality of chatbots and voicebots; organising all transcript conversations into topics, simplifying the review process, and making it easier to address issues efficiently.  

Endnote: Shaping the future: supporting your best next actions

Originally broadcast on Friday 17th May, 12:30.

Rounding off the virtual conference and first stage of this year's best practice programme with inspiration, ideas and clear next steps. This endnote will support your learning, and give you takeaway ideas on how to turn this into an action plan.