Here is an example of how a Bespoke Learning Academy could look like for your organisation

You can view all the modules you need below. To see individual Modules in the showcase click on the dropdown at top left of the video. Module descriptions are below the videos.

You can gain Foundation Accreditation by watching at least one of the showcases below and completing this Accreditation Questionnaire. Send a copy of the questionnaire to your manager and for sign off. More information on accreditation can be found here.

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Accredited Professionals

Congratulations to the following who have been accredited at Foundation Level
 - Jane Smith
 - Mohamed Ahmed
 - David Green
 - Karen Jones

Academy Launch & Tutorials

We can hold a launch for your academy so everyone understands how to access the modules and what they need to do to gain accreditation. We can also hold regular tutorials to layer in the learning and discuss how it is most appropriate to their role.

Start your learning

Your team get access to modules to help them focus on their learning, hear from other members on why learning is so important to them, how they build time into their diary for development and what they are doing differently because of this.

Your modules

We can add some of our box sets here or curate a set of individual modules that work best for your team.
Module Title
Description of what the module contains and what you will learn from it
 - Point one of specific learning
 - Point two of specific learning
 - Point three of specific learning

Module Title
Description of what the module contains and what you will learn from it
 - Point one of specific learning
 - Point two of specific learning
 - Point three of specific learning

Module Title
Description of what the module contains and what you will learn from it
 - Point one of specific learning
 - Point two of specific learning
 - Point three of specific learning

Individual Modules

You can choose the modules from the full list that are most suitable for your team

Free Webinar: Outsourcing

Watch at your own pace

What are the key ingredients for a Outsource partnership? This webinar will explore the advantages of working with a strategic partner to support and help you realise your goals.
 - Hear how you can stay in control and drive even better results
 - Learn best practice principles to build a great partnership
 - Gain valuable insight into the advantages of outsourcing

Free Webinar: Focus on what matters most

Watch at your own pace

The true success of any metric lies in the behaviour that it drives, so choose wisely what you report or target, and build a strong foundation of diagnostic measures first. Great performance doesn’t happen by chance. This webinar will:
 - Help you to understand how a metric can serve many purposes
 - How you move away from average and understand variability and change
 - Learn to influence and drive better decisions

Free Webinar: Best Practice Guide Review

Watch at your own pace

Let’s focus on the opportunity we have, as professionals, to drive improvement, whether in Planning, Insight or Customer Experience. Published earlier this year the 2022 Best Practice guide continues to be the Knowledge Management of thought leadership for the industry. This webinar will:
 - Introduce you to the key themes and trends to help you to be prepared for anything
 - Hear from members as they describe what they’ve learned form this year guide
 - Learn how to access a goldmine of content and be confident to succeed

Free Webinar: What are brand guardians and why are they important? In partnership with Calabrio

Hosted on 6th October 2022

The vast majority of consumers (97%) and contact centre managers (98%) agree that customer service interactions have an impact on customer loyalty.  Today, improving the customer experience (CX) is top of the business agenda and the role of contact centres is transforming – with agents starring as brand guardians. Train agents, and treat them well so they become your greatest assets with the power to influence the overall perception of your organisation, enhance customer loyalty and boost profits.  

Join us for an interactive discussion as we explore the importance of brand guardianship. Pick up a few tips and techniques: 

- How do you build a culture of brand guardianship?

- What qualities make a good brand guardian?

- What can managers do to recruit and nurture their brand saviours?

Sharing the latest research from across the UK, US, DACH, and Nordics, Ed Creasey from Calabrio will look at how agent stress, omnichannel assumptions, and data silos are just some of the factors eroding the brand experience and what you can do today to change that.

Free Webinar: What is happening with Contact Centre Employee Performance? In partnership with Centrical

Hosted on 29th Sept 2022

In these uncertain times, employee engagement is crucial. Hiring is becoming difficult and the cost of turnover is growing. How are contact centre leaders dealing with engaging their workforce? Chris Rainsforth and Ian Chappell will discuss the Centrical report “The Reality of Contact Centre Employee Performance” (based on the responses of 241 contact centre leaders).
To grow employee engagement, 64.7% of respondents plan to increase compensation and benefits, with scheduling flexibility (54.8%) and improving manager communications (56.4%) identified as key focus areas.
Uncover insights and advice on what industry leaders plan to do to ensure their employees are engaged and performing well:
 - Tracking and improving employee engagement
 - Key focus areas to enhance the employee experience
 - Top worker management priorities in the contact centre