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Accredited Professionals

Congratulations to the following who have been accredited at Foundation Level
 - Jane Smith
 - Mohamed Ahmed
 - David Green
 - Karen Jones

Academy Launch & Tutorials

We can hold a launch for your academy so everyone understands how to access the modules and what they need to do to gain accreditation. We can also hold regular tutorials to layer in the learning and discuss how it is most appropriate to their role.

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Your team get access to modules to help them focus on their learning, hear from other members on why learning is so important to them, how they build time into their diary for development and what they are doing differently because of this.

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We can add some of our box sets here or curate a set of individual modules that work best for your team.
Module Title
Description of what the module contains and what you will learn from it
 - Point one of specific learning
 - Point two of specific learning
 - Point three of specific learning

Module Title
Description of what the module contains and what you will learn from it
 - Point one of specific learning
 - Point two of specific learning
 - Point three of specific learning

Module Title
Description of what the module contains and what you will learn from it
 - Point one of specific learning
 - Point two of specific learning
 - Point three of specific learning

Individual Modules

You can choose the modules from the full list that are most suitable for your team

Free Webinar in partnership with NICE: KPIs and how they drive the narrative of performance

Watch at your own pace

In this session we will look at the relationship between KPIs and how they are influenced by the context that they are measured in. Join Graeme Gabriel, WFO Solutions Consultant from NICE and Phil Anderson Director at The Forum for a lively and interesting discussion touching on;

- KPI Interdependence
- OKR to KPI
- Context is everything
- KPI Matrix

Free Webinar: Resilience 2.0 - In It Together in partnership with Sabio

Tuesday 7th March 2023, 12:00

Resilience 2.0 - In It Together ... the power of community, identity and control
 - Setting the scene - Agent Experience (AX) in the contact centre today.  The cost of poor agent mental health and the opportunity for change.
 - Resilience as a team sport - the importance of creating an environment where agents can be their best.
 - The power of data in creating this environment - and in driving a systematic approach to wellbeing.
 - Key Takeaways - what can I do today?

Free webinar: Employee Engagement is more than just a fad in partnership with Genesys

28th February 2023, 12:00

Tips to make your customer and employee experience strategy more effective.
Employee Engagement isn’t just a phase, although the recent cost-of-living crisis may have taken the focus away from Covid, businesses that have embraced Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) continue to realise the positive impact on frontline colleagues, see a reduction in employee and customer churn and greater insight into customer journeys, making the operation efficient but not at the cost to the employee. In this session we will hear real life customer stories and industry insight from The Forum and Genesys.
We will discuss and share;
 - The importance on Employee Engagement and the positive benefits it brings – lower attrition, improved performance, lower shrinkage, more profitability, better CX
 - How WEM supports and drives Employee Engagement – native, fully integrated, single pane of glass sharing employee and customer insights reduces technology fatigue for frontline colleagues.
 - Employee Engagement accelerated when Covid hit, new challenges include the current cost-of-living crisis. Organisations, more than ever, need to balance astute commercial decisions on agile technology that continue to offer leading CX and EX.

Free Webinar: 2023 Best Practice Programme

31st January 2023, 12pm

On the 31st January The Forum will be launching our 2023 best practice programme, which includes: virtual networking, learning from our award finalists, our customer strategy & planning conference, along with the community connection conference later in the year.

For those who follow The Forum, you will know that each year we reframe our thinking with an annual theme.

This year’s theme is designed to frame our thinking around the importance of numbers, people and relationships. When these come together, we are energised to drive action, bring the best out on each other and have the courage to innovate and improve. We are only as strong as the weakest link, fortunately almost 25-years of raising standards means our collective strength and health has never been better.

Join us for another year of improving, growing as a person and professional feel the value of the community.

Free Webinar: The Looming Contact Centre Agent Experience Crisis: Understand, Avoid, and Ascend in partnership with eGain

26th January 2023, 12:00

Agent experience (AX) and well-being are among the top priorities in contact centres, but did you know that they are in danger of slipping into a crisis because of the lack of modern knowledge tools in the agent desktop?
At this webinar, you will:
 - Learn from the horse's mouth (i.e., from agents themselves) what they are saying about their experience and how you can avoid the crisis with modern knowledge
 - Review the findings from a unique, agent-only survey, conducted by BenchmarkPortal, a leading contact centre benchmarking organisation
 - Learn what modern knowledge is and what it can do for AX (agent experience) and CX (customer experience). With Modern knowledge, you won't need to train agents endlessly on how to navigate customer conversations or have them read through voluminous documents and figure out an answer when the customer is on the line!