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Our Assisted Learning Pathway is a six-month programme which blends virtual learning with regular tutorials, so you can join from wherever you are. Explore how to implement new approaches in key specialist areas, with modules updated to show the latest trends & development. Build skills in bite-sized steps and in interactive ways, as part of a group alongside others.

Each Assisted Learning Pathway costs £1250 +VAT. Upcoming dates are shown further down this page, click on the description to book your place now.

Assisted Learning Pathway Feedback 

“On both a personal and professional note, the timing of this programme was perfect! It has changed my way of thinking about not just work but also personally to different situations. It has made me more proactive in preparation for meetings/presentations as I am able to apply the techniques I have learned to get the desired results from my audience and to also ask more insightful questions to gain a better understanding of the task/situation. I have applied this to my immediate team but also to my wider stakeholders.” James Waller, Strategic Change Analyst, e.on
Strategy & Leadership: Impossible to Inevitable Assisted Learning Pathway

Published on 12 September 2021

Strategy & Leadership: Impossible to Inevitable Assisted Learning Pathway

w/c 12th Sept 2022, Virtual Learning

Event date: 12/09/2022 13:00 - 16/09/2022 14:30 Export event

This learning pathway will take you on a journey to help you change your mindset and learn key professional skills to support your role now and in the future.  Combining The Forum’s Learning Academy and i2i Goal Achievement programmes, along with monthly tutorials you can benefit from working alongside a cohort group, bespoke learning and mentoring support from The Forum and i2i.

How it will work?

Starting with a week of bite-sized learning and 1-to-1 support, you can then design your own learning journey over the next 5-months.

The Forum’s learning modules:





Strategy Pyramid

Before setting targets and goals it is important that these are aligned to strategies that support your organisational goals


Stakeholder Mapping

This module provides an overview of the fundamental components of successful stakeholder management.


Understanding People

Explore people patterns to help you interact and influence.  All we need to do is understand ourselves and our stakeholders better.


Principles of Persuasion

It is vital we are able to engage and influence key stakeholders, learn how to change their views on something in order to become an advocate


Target Typology

Learn how do you avoid your targets being misunderstood, misinterpreted and misused

You will also have your first 1 to 1 tutorial with The Forum, to help map out your learning journey, being clear of your starting position, along with personal goals and business objectives.

You will also start your i2i journey, with first of 14 learning modules.  In the words of i2i founder Michael Finnigan: “You're about to discover how to unlock your true potential, using the same proven techniques and strategies we've taught to business leaders and elite sports people around the world. You will learn to solve problems that may have been holding you back for years, remove limiting beliefs and barriers to achieving your goals, build confidence, increase resilience and be inspired to new levels of ambition along the way. The Goal Achievement Programme gives you the tools to be at your very best more often and to achieve new heights in whatever you commit to.”

Following the launch week, you will have access to The Forum’s Learning Academy Modules taking advantage of the variety of courses on offer.  The monthly tutorials will keep you focused and help to stay on target to achieving your goals.

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