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Leadership Forum: Planning Strategy & Customer Closeness

Published on 24 September 2019

Leadership Forum: Planning Strategy & Customer Closeness

September, London

Join us for this unique opportunity to meet your leadership peers and gain the sharpness of vision required to move forward purposefully. Hear from and talk face-to-face with key players involved in strategic transformation at The Very Group, RSA and LV= all finalists in our 2020 Innovation Awards. 

Today kicks off with powerful keynote speakers, followed by discussion on Customer Closeness. This is followed by presentations on planning, wellbeing and strategy and workshop discussions with your leadership peers.

  • Explore what is required of the ‘advisor of the future’ and how to embed improvement methodology into the role of the contact centre, learning from the pioneering work at The Very Group’s Customer Closeness Centre.
  • Gain insight on how to plan for colleague wellbeing and learn how Sensee’s people-focussed approach to Homeworking enables organisations to attract and retain a flexible and experienced workforce.
  • Discuss how strategic end-to-end planning can transform the roles and impact of the planning team and support cross-functional alignment, by learning from ground-breaking use of Anaplan at RSA.
  • Understand how much can change when planning embraces systems thinking as an opportunity not a challenge, to refine the purpose and accountability of planning – and learn from their pioneering claims handling models. 

Free to members of the Leadership Forum – use this form to book your place or request a place if you are not already a member.

Part of our 20th Anniversary best practice programme, we focus on the future direction of customer operations, planning & insight and customer experience. As we crystallise our knowledge of best practice and standards now, we can then look ahead to the challenges and changes we will face over the coming years. Uniquely, this strategic best practice day is the chance to bring your planning or analyst teams – and table discussions will be organised to allow sharing and learning with people in similar roles facing common challenges.

Sponsors Include:

Planning transformation and systems thinking at LV= General Insurance (LV= GI)

Organisations embracing Systems Thinking often see this as opposed to ‘planning’, but at LV= GI the resourcing team embraced it, to re-define planning and deliver on the ‘things that matter most’ to internal customers.

  • See how the scope of Planning was redesigned, using Systems Thinking Methods, absolutely tying down purpose and accountability, with a seat at the table for key strategic decisions.
  • Learn about collaboration with their Re-Insurance Broker, creating bespoke modelling using industry data to model weather impact on home claims – a first in the sector. They are now evaluating alternative claims management strategies, as well as planning for surges in contact demand.   
  • See how a people-focussed planning team enables wellbeing and supports a customer-centred culture.
  • Discover how they tailor approaches to the needs of stakeholders and redesign or automate processes to deliver more, with around half the planning resource of a few years ago. 

Strategic planning end-to-end, across the business at RSA

Discover how the Resource Planning team at RSA has sustained and continually developed their end-to-end planning and built credibility within the business. Significantly, recent developments include introducing Anaplan for strategic planning, linking planning and finance outputs to create a joined-up view of the customer operation and creating the level of skill needed to do more for the business with even less planning resource.

  • See how this has transformed what planning can offer and how they take their place as essential partners in cross-functional development of budget and operational plans.
  • Hear how finance & planning data models are built consistently in the system, to ensure everyone recognises outputs and avoid translation issues.
  • Learn about what you need to do to build consistent, cross-functional plans that deliver sophisticated and strong relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Understand how constantly working with Anaplan enables the team to improve models and respond quickly and flexibly as business requirements change.

Customer closeness & the ‘advisor of the future’ at The Very Group

Innovation is vital with retail businesses facing unprecedented disruption. The new Customer Closeness Centre (CCC) puts this visibly at the heart of the business.

  • See how a specially-supported team of 14 experts were hand-picked to challenge the status quo and fix the problems customers face, rotating every two weeks between two types of work.
  • In the Customer Zone, they handle calls/webchat at an exceptional performance level, share insight via a Board of Dreams and help model what the ‘advisor of the future’ could look like.
  • In the Agile Zone, a 3-stage process goes from exploration (root cause) and innovation (solutions) to implementation (in partnership with Webhelp) in 2-week sprints.
  • Learn how this agile approach to continuous improvement has, in just 22 sprints, driven £1m benefits through automation, process design and knowledge management – and supported a 50% rise in colleague engagement.  

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Author: Leanne McNamee

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