Learning & personal development

Learning & personal development

Tuesday 1st June 13:00 – 16:00

Event date: 02/06/2021 13:00 - 16:00 Export event

This virtual Case Study Live is your chance to meet and speak with Awards finalists from FIS and Loop. It’s been great to see these two finalists move forward at pace on transformation around learning, induction and career progression, rising to the many extra challenges posed by lockdown and remote working. At this virtual, interactive workshop, you can hear more about how they achieved their success with these cohesive and impactful programmes where there is a host of detail to learn from: 

  • Transformation of recruitment and induction, how this works virtually during COVID restrictions, and how this transforms the role of team managers as attrition drops. 
  • Transformation of training and coaching for skills and career progression, ownership of one’s own development and the potential of online learning.
  • A playbook of next steps that shows where opportunities exist, what skills are needed for each role and how to access this. 
  • Embedding change in your operating model, with regular review meetings and tracking metrics in all key performance reports.

Understand more about what’s happening in other organisations and sectors. Meet key stakeholders in these organisations and can network to learn from other members working on these same topics and challenges. 

At FIS Global (the financial payment giant), a strong deployment of detailed tools and frameworks enabled a learning culture that has put employees at the heart of their strategy for customer service. Career progression within the business is key, so that frontline teams see this as a potential career for life, support by passion, from top and bottom, to drive personal development. A playbook of next steps makes it clear where opportunities exist and what skills are needed for each role. This is embedded into their operating model, brought to life by a transformational training programme, self-directed online learning, regular cross-functional review meetings and tracking metrics in all key performance reports.

At Loop, part of Yorkshire Water, we saw a continuous customer and people focused approach to service delivery, from induction all the way through formal training into daily interactions. Already, the first stages of this transformation journey, Learn-Grow-Transform, has had a big impact on attrition. Transformation of recruitment and induction, now wholly virtual during COVID restrictions, has had huge impact on front-line managers. Where once their time was focussed on managing leavers and bringing new starts up the learning curve, now a more holistic approach to coaching is opening up and this is being piloted in key areas like the complaints team.


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