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Customer Sure

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Award-winning Customer Feedback Software

We help you think differently about how and when your customers would like to give feedback and, more importantly, what they expect after they’ve given it.

With our refreshingly simple approach:
You’ll become a hero in your company for improving customer retention and loyalty.
Customers will love your outstanding service.
The comments and insights will help your people develop and excel.

Our style is friendly and helpful, so feel free to pick our brains.


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As an independent association established since 2000, we offer a trusted space for professionals in contact centre, field service, back office or retail operation. Benchmark against the best in class and learn from innovators and pioneers.


Capacity Planning, Forecasting & Budgets
11th February, Manchester
Our new workshop programmes for 2020 are continually updated with examples of the latest developments.

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Customer Strategy & Planning 2020
27th & 28th April 2020
Learn first-hand from practitioners and business leaders who are delivering successful change.

National Conferences 2019
Catch up on the highlights
Annual conferences dedicated to the needs of their communities.

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