Analytics: learn from these pioneering teams

Analytics: learn from these pioneering teams

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Event date: 15/07/2021 13:00 - 16:00 Export event

Take the chance at this virtual Case Study Live to meet and speak with our 2021 Awards Finalists from FIS Global, Davies Consulting, Which. AXA and Pegasystems. These analysts and partnerships have used technology and insight to reduce risk and improve systems processes and behaviours. At this virtual, interactive workshop, you can hear more about how they achieved success and learn how these technologies and techniques can help you.

  • Speech and Text Analytics.
  • Desktop Analytics.
  • Machine Learning

Understand more about what’s happening in other organisations and sectors. Meet key stakeholders in these organisations and can network to learn from other members working on these same topics and challenges. 

AXA Insurance and Pegasystems pioneered the use of desktop analytics as workforce intelligence during lockdown. Using this data in entirely new ways, with practical dashboards, drove action and supported operations teams, who faced rising AHT and slow systems at home. Downtime dropped 70%, AHT by 10 seconds and colleague satisfaction rose by 13 points. By building outstanding relationships, operations teams feel truly supported, with no sense of ‘big brother’.

At Which? working with the Davies Group massively accelerated their roll out of analytics, with rapid ROI and unprecedented insight about consumer attitudes and experience during lockdown. See the wide range of use case examples they have been implementing over the last year, including for Quality Management.

FIS (the global financial payment giant) use AI & human analysis to identify areas of risk. They created a risk thermostat that clients can adjust, by generating a score not a binary decision, cutting fraud and saving costs. With a huge uplift in both online transactions and cybercrime, work in this area has huge benefits, in balancing the potential for risk-screening to miss payments or reject too many genuine transactions.


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