Contact: Nino Reina
Tel: 01483 685360
email: info@qstory.co.uk

What is Intraday Automation? Let’s get straight to a definition: “Intraday automation is how we make the best use of agents’ time in a contact centre.” So your WFM team have made your agents available for predicted customer calls, now what? What if reality is different to the prediction? Intraday automation bridges the gap between scheduled efficiency and real productivity.

Our recommendation engine makes intelligent and informed decisions throughout the day, to enable your contact centre to pivot and adapt with the ever changing demands of your customers and your staff. Less idle time and less boredom - QStory is proactive, continuously predicting in real time where your staff are going to be best utilised. Protecting your service levels while ensuring that during lulls in customer demand, agents catch up on training, assist with back-office work or even get back some time to spend with their families.

Intraday automation by QStory makes your call centres flexible, productive and attractive places to work. Happy employees = happy customers.

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