Box Set: Driving improvement with Data & Insight

Box Set: Driving improvement with Data & Insight

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Description: These modules explore the role of insight analysts, and the scientific method, in shaping decisions, generating measurable improvement, and engaging key stakeholders. The modules include practical exercises to help you identify gaps and opportunity in your current approaches.

Introduction Modules: What is the role of an analyst

  1. How do we add value as insight analysts? Focus on how you can enable better decisions and generate measurable improvement. What are the key factors that set you up for success?   
  2. The role of analysts as improvement champions. Explore the three phases of improvement and identify how you can make the most difference.
  3. Shaping the future: the 4 stages of insight. Learn how to move from hindsight to foresight and help prepare our organisations for whatever happens in a fast-changing world. 

Core Modules: Analysis Tools and the Scientific Method

  1. The Scientific Method: become a trusted source of information. Understand how to create an operating rhythm for analysis, which builds trust and confidence in your conclusions. This includes the first of our exercises to help you identify gaps and opportunity in your current approaches.
  2. Using problem statements to generate fruitful hypotheses. Explore how to focus in the right way, becoming clear about the questions and problems you need to address.
  3. Using the Scientific method to drive improvement. In this module we link the scientific method to the three phases of improvement, and get you started on the next of the practical exercises.
  4. Prioritising opportunities for improvement. Explore how to focus on the right issues, how to create time to learn and how to balance proactive and reactive work, as analysts. 
  5. Accuracy and confidence: an introduction. Understand the key statistical considerations that will ensure your conclusions are well founded and can drive confidence. The separate Statistical Confidence box set is an opportunity to drive this further.

Plus learn from our members with best practice case studies from our Awards and Network Groups. 

The cost of this mini series including accreditation is great value at £325 + VAT and free for students on our assisted learning pathway.