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Free Webinar: Speech Analytics Success, from Start to Optimisation in partnership with Davies

29th February, 14:00

Join our insightful webinar tailored for anyone thinking about the initiation of their speech analytics journey or seeking to enhance the utility of an existing tool. 

Whether you're a newcomer or seasoned user, this session promises valuable knowledge to maximize the effectiveness of your speech analytics endeavours. 

Gain thought-provoking insights on hybrid Quality Assurance (QA) approaches, based on our independently accredited methodology and discover strategies to overcome common pitfalls.

Don't miss this opportunity to chart a successful course in the evolving realm of speech analytics.

Free Webinar: Contact Centre Scheduling: What You Need to Know in 2024 in partnership with injixo

7th March, 12:00

Are you considering what flexibility options are right for your colleagues whilst being there for your customers and delivering your organisation’s financial requirements? Are you considering Introducing workforce strategies such as shorter working weeks, self-scheduling or flexible shifts into your contact centre? Join a panel of #wfm industry experts to hear the latest thinking on those topics and real-life examples from their wealth of experience.”

From this session you should be able to understand the challenges these strategies were looking to overcome, the approach that was taken to implement these and the results that were delivered.

Free Webinar: Supporting Vulnerable Customers. How UK PowerNetworks delivers outstanding, inclusive services in partnership with Calabrio

21st March 2024 12:00

Vulnerable customers are at greater risk of harm due to financial, health or capability constraints. It is vital organisations understand how to identify vulnerable customers and tailor their services to provide additional support. 

Join Shaunna Wilson at Business Systems, Scott Budding at Calabrio, and Jamie Airey at UK Power Networks to understand how UK Power Networks became leaders in their field in terms of supporting vulnerable customers. Discover how their use of technology, agent training and collaborative working helps lead to positive customer and business outcomes across all channels. 

 - Defining vulnerability and addressing the common challenges
 - Strategies for training and supporting contact centre advisors
 - Advice on innovative solutions and best practices for contact centre operations to build trust, loyalty and effective communication.
 - Q&A