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Take the opportunity to gain accreditation in a specific subject. Our Box Sets are groups of related modules that help you focus your learning. The full box set cost includes your accreditation. To complete accreditation, you need to watch all five modules and send an email to to describe what you have taken from the modules and how you have applied these in your role.
Each Box Set costs £295 +VAT. (Free to anyone on an Assisted Learning Pathway). Click on the descriptions below to book your place now.
Box Set: Planning & Insight in the Back Office

Published on 21 October 2021

Box Set: Planning & Insight in the Back Office

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1: Introducing planning and insight for back office or digital channels 
This module talks about what makes these kinds of operations different from  a contact centre. Topics covered:
 - Planning for processes
 - Key things you need to know
 - Key roles
 - Common problems

2: Capacity Models for back office or digital operations – what makes them different? To follow.

3: Back office Handling Time & shrinkage. Working with data that’s incomplete.
In this module we want to look at Handling times and Shrinkage in processing and digital operations, in fact anywhere that is away from the front office where advisors are taking calls from customers. 
 - We will look at the importance of getting the handling time correct and why this is so important.
 - We will examine Shrinkage – what is similar and different from the front office and why you need to have sight of 100%
 - how do we get this data and how do we ensure it is accurate
 - and we will look at some of the Best in Class to see what we can learn from them.

4: Improvement and maturity framework for digital and back office operations. To follow.

5: Performance: targets, measures dashboards & comms in the back office. To follow.

Learning From Best Practice

These final modules show how different members of our Back Office & Processing Operations Network Group have put these principles into practice in their own operations. Many thanks to the members who have shared their learning with us. Before you apply for your accreditation we expect you to have watched at least two of them.

  1. Capita Team Awards 2021 (22 mins) Demonstrate how they create better outcomes for colleagues, customers and business as a planning team, working on multiple contracts in Life & Pensions.  
  2. Capita Planning Models (7 mins). Graham Watson delves deeper in to the models they use for planning, in speaking to our networking group in Dec 2020). 
  3. L&G Workflow Team (35 mins) Juliet Jetson describes the role of the Workflow Optimisation team at Legal & General. See what they have achieved in 2020 and the impact this has had across over 1000 agents on Verint’s Workforce Manager system. From the 2020 Awards. 
  4. BGL Insurance (14 mins). Louse Cooke show how she plans for a wider variety of small or medium support and back office areas and the data she uses for forecasting and planning as well as for performance and service level reporting.
  5. L&G Transformation Awards 2020 (27 mins) The Group Protection area demonstrate the powerful link from workflow/planning teams to transformation and operations. They describe the journey they have been on and some great communications methods for managing change and creating a sense of stability and focus. 
  6. Networking Group Discussion (12 mins). Members of the group share key challenges in gaining buy in, from new or existing operations, and how to overcome them.  
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Author: Alison Conaghan

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