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Box Set: Setting the right targets

Published on 02 April 2020

Box Set: Setting the right targets

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The Modules

The Strategy Pyramid 
Before setting targets and goals it is important that these are aligned to strategies that support your organisational goals. In this module;

  • Understand your organisational goals
  • See how to balance your strategies
  • Learn how to align the right metrics and targets to your strategies

Target Typology 
How do you avoid your targets being misunderstood, misinterpreted and misused. In this module;

  • Learn the different target types
  • Understand tolerances & triggers
  • Avoid common mistakes

Performance Records, Data Tables, Rigour and Governance
Clear documentation and structure can help us remove single points of failure, avoid arguments, ensure a single version of the truth and avoid duplicated work. In this module;

  • See how to create a data dictionary to ensure a single version of the truth
  • Learn techniques to ensure metrics are used to drive the right behaviours
  • Facilitate exception based reporting with agreed triggers

Benchmarking is important in understanding best practice, comparing ourselves with our competitors and becoming the best, but there are many pitfalls to avoid. In this module;

  • Hear the value of benchmarking
  • Learn how to avoid the common mistakes
  • Hear our top tips for benchmarking

Delivering value with targets 
There is no point setting targets if they don’t deliver value and benefits. In this module;

  • Learn how good targets can deliver value, benefits and return on investment
  • See the pros and cons of competitive and collaborate targets
  • Hear how to avoid targets driving the wrong behaviours

The cost of this mini series is great value at £295 + VAT  and free for students on our assisted learning pathway.

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