Scheduling & Wellbeing Modules

Scheduling is much more than creating shifts, so we have designed a series of webinars to explore the opportunities in developing the right flexibility strategy for your business. They will be scheduled through the year and you can submit your interest at any point.

Understanding the Flexibility Toolkit

Date TBC

One you have determined the volatility of your volumes you can start to think of ways to manage this through scheduling. The flexibility toolkit contains 18 options that you can use in your business. Learning outcomes include:

- What are the flexibility options and which can be combined? 

- Pros and cons of each method and case study examples of how they’ve been implemented.

- Understanding how different tool kit options can be used strategically and tactical

Managing Assumptions

Date TBC

Understand the need for everyone to realise the importance of managing your assumptions and how targets can drive behaviour

- Consider the importance of assumptions in your models

- Ensure understanding of the impact of variances through the day and between people

- Build your stakeholder engagement

Advanced Volatility & Flexibility balancing strategies

Date TBC

Develop your flexibility offering with deeper analysis of your supply and demand, driving a workforce strategy.

- Understand the scale of volatility

- Engage your stakeholders with advanced analysis

- Use this to drive decisions and develop a workforce strategy

Measures of Success for Scheduling

Date TBC

Scheduling is much more than creating shifts and therefore the success criteria for shift design is much more than schedule fit.  This module will explore the key responsibilities of a scheduler and how a holistic view is required to set measures of success.  Learning outcomes include:

- What does good look like?  Understand the importance of scheduling and the key responsibilities, including key characteristics of good and bad schedules.

- Define your purpose.  Understand how schedules support your business strategy and its importance to customer and employee satisfaction

- Schedule fit & other measures.  Introduction to different ways of measuring scheduling fit and how these can be incorporated into a more holistic framework of success measures.

Introduction to Scheduling

Date TBC

This module provides an introductory understanding of:

- The fundamental inputs and outputs of the scheduling processes.

- The role of scheduling within the planning cycle 

- The characteristics of best in class scheduling teams as evidenced through The Forum's standards-benchmarking programme

How to drive engagement through shift review

Date TBC

Shift reviews deliver many benefits to many areas of the business

- Performance - Improved customer experience

- Attrition, Absence - Reduced stress of busy peaks and boredom of quiet times

- Employee Engagement - Flexibility to meet lifestyles of your teams

Understand the key principles which will drive engagement across your organisation, face the fear of shift patterns and bring a united, collaborative approach to making change possible

Shrinkage: Tracking, Managing and Optimising

Date TBC

This was held on 9th November: Deeper dive into shrinkage, historical tracking, forecasting and incorporating in long and short term planning.

Understand the importance of tracking and manging your shrinkages so they are optimised for your staff. Learning outcomes include:

- What is included in shrinkage?

- The importance of standardised tracking

- How do you categorise to monitor and report?

- Which numbers should you use for planning?

- Why you should spend as much time forecasting Shrinkage as work volumes.

Data Visualisation in Scheduling

Date TBC

Explore effective ways of presenting data in a meaningful, interesting and engaging way.  Improve the way you inform and persuade your key stakeholders.  

-  Understand why your existing reports don’t excite or engage your stakeholders

- Learn the basics of data visualisation and how to communicate information

- Apply “2 key questions” and start the use the tools and resource you need

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