MI & Insight Modules

Learn the best practice principles to help you move from data, through analysis to providing actionable insight which is in demand across your business. They will be scheduled through the year and you can submit your interest at any point.

Managing Assumptions

Understand the need for everyone to realise the importance of managing your assumptions and how targets can drive behaviour

 - Consider the importance of assumptions in your models
 - Ensure understanding of the impact of variances through the day and between people
 - Build your stakeholder engagement

Data visualisation in Capacity Planning

Explore effective ways of presenting data in a meaningful, interesting and engaging way. Help to make your Capacity Plans easier to understand and improve the way you inform and persuade your key stakeholders.

 - Understand why your existing reports don’t excite or engage your stakeholders
 - Learn the basics of data visualisation and how to communicate information
 - Apply “2 key questions” and start the use the tools and resource you need

Operating and budget plans

Learn how important it is to define the operating model and then agree the key assumptions to form the budget. See practical examples of budget and operating models and explore the importance of accurate forecasts and agreed assumptions.

 - Understand the key assumptions to start calculating FTE requirement
 - Classic mistakes and pitfalls to avoid
 - Interactive module including Excel Spreadsheet operating model exercise

Forecastable Metrics

In many organisations forecasting is limited to volumes of contacts or work, but we can do so much more. Whether we are forecasters or analysts, applying these techniques to our other metrics can open up a wealth of opportunities for improvement.

- Learn how using forecasting techniques can open up new opportunities in your organisation.
- Hear how innovation awards finalists are putting this into practice

Intro to Advanced Vol & Flex Balancing Mathematics

Understand the benefits of taking a more in-depth view into the volatility of your supply and demand, and flexibility requirements.

- Understand the value of further analysis.
- Learn analysis techniques to measure variance
- Translate this into a practical output for flexibility

Accuracy and Confidence

Accuracy is important in any insight or forecast we produce but 100% accuracy is often not possible. In this module we will explore some statistical techniques to understand the accuracy and limitations of our insight and forecasts and how to communicate this with your stakeholders. In this module we will cover:

- Standard Deviation  
- Margin of error  
- The language of confidence

Driving Strategy through Capacity Planning

This course is part of the “strategic analyst” series of webinars, designed to help everyone in analytical roles become a more active contributor to their organisation’s strategic narrative.

In this webinar we will explore:
 -    What is strategy 
 -    Benefits of working at the strategic level 
 -    Making sense of your organisational strategy
 -    Building capacity plans with you strategy in mind
 -    Influencing strategy through capacity planning

Advanced Forecasting Techniques and Analysis tools

Learn how to incorporate all relevant information using Statistical and Expert methods to produce the best possible predictions. Further your knowledge in the types of technique and how they can be applied, and which performs best dependent on the problem. Learning outcomes include:

 - Statistical Methods. Explore the key characteristics of Pure Time Series models and key considerations. 
 - Standard Deviation. See how Standard Deviation can help you understand variability and support your forecasting approach.
 - Explanatory & Expert Methods. Learn how to build a multiple regression model in excel and explore how the Delphi method could be a powerful tool in your forecasting armoury.

Introduction to Volatility & Flexibility

The basis of a best practice scheduling strategy is a clear understanding of the volatility of workload and the amount of flexibility to need and can afford. This module introduces you to theoretical models and calculations to understand your flexibility need. Learning outcomes include:

 - What does volatility & flexibility mean and the importance of defining these for your business
 - How to calculate the volatility of demand and amount of flexibility available
 - Understanding different flexibility needs based on different starting positions, e.g. annually and daily, compared to average, compared to budget

Measures of Success for Capacity Planning

Date TBC

Understand how to create the right measures to track and develop your Capacity Planning. Learn how to create the right process, aligned to your strategy and how to take a holistic view when setting measures of success. Learning outcomes include:

- What does good look like? Explore the key characteristics of an ideal capacity plan and key considerations to develop understanding and learning.

- Define your purpose. Understand how capacity planning can support your business strategy and impact it can have on customers and colleagues.

- Creating the right measures. Understand different perspectives and develop a holistic framework of success measures.


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