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Our professional community is a unique, safe place to meet and share best practice. Join one of our free regional networking events for members to discuss your challenges and explore new ideas with like-minded professionals. If you are not yet a member, you are welcome too. Please book ahead. These are popular events, they fill up fast. Often hosted by members, space is limited.

Book the events listed below or contact us if you would like an event nearer you. We have recently held events in Ireland, Scotland, NE and NW England, Yorkshire, London and the Midlands. Networking across Europe is possible where there is sufficient interest.  

Free Webinar: Planning for COVID-19: Part 3 Scheduling, sustaining flexibility

7th April, 2pm

Acting quickly doesn’t mean over-reacting and making bad decisions. Uncertainty can create unsustainable, short-term solutions which could lead to bigger problems and negative lasting legacies. This learning academy module will look at how the flexibility toolkit can support short-term fixes and support a long-term workforce and wellness strategy.

 - Understand the range of options available and how these can be used and abused!
 - Create checkpoints, reviews and sustainability
 - Track and measure success and identify improvements

This is the Third in a four-part series in the Planning COVID-19 learning academy series.

Free Webinar: Planning for COVID-19: Part 4 Real-Time

9th April, 2pm

The need for agility and flexibility is always great: at times like these, they are of paramount importance.  This session will show you how a focus on automation can help to release bandwidth for insight and analysis to benefit your organisation. 

 - Understand the flexibility toolkit and how it can be applied
 - Automate key functions and speed up Real Time response times
 - Close the loop to enable Learning & Understanding

This is the fourth in a four-part series in the Planning COVID-19 learning academy series.

Free Webinar: Planning for COVID-19 Thinking beyond now and future building continuity

15th April, 14:00

The COVID-19 pandemic is without doubt disruptive, meaning a significant change in the world of customer contact. However, this prompted a huge catalyst for redesigning your strategy, operating model and business continuity plans. This webinar will take a look at now and help us to start think of tomorrow.
 - Reflect and learn from different approaches to planning for COVID-19
 - Understand how Real-Time automation can support business continuity, with special guest Intradiem
 - Start to consider your exit strategy and prepare for the future “business as usual” 

Free Webinar: Planning for COVID-19 Networking call

16th April, 2pm

Open discussion allowing you to share the steps you’ve taken to manage and plan for COVID-19. This is an opportunity to listen to different approaches and learn from the mistakes and successes. Join this session as an observer/listener or actively participate, it's up to you, this is an open discussion for all resource planners and business leaders who want to learn and improve.

Planning for COVID-19, Revisiting Homeworking

22nd April, 14:00

How is your new virtual contact centre performing? Following on from the panel discussion last month, this is an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve achieved, learn from what other organisations have done and start to consider your long-term operating model.
 - Hear from industry professionals around their approach to Planning for COVID-19
 - What would you have done differently?
 - Start to consider your exit strategy and prepare for the future “business as usual” 

Planning for COVID-19, How COVID-19 is impacting business culture, with guest speaker Lou Banks, Rising Vibe

23rd April 14:00

Discover the impact of COVID-19 on your business culture and how to enable small shifts to tackle implications on employee mental health. Gain insight into social pain and how COVID-19 is exacerbating this. 

The World Health Organisation have issued advice and guidance on Mental Health Considerations during the COVID-19 Outbreak.

Rising Vibe understand the impact on both employees and leaders at this difficult time. Whether employees are feeling fear around catching the virus or economic implications on their life, or leaders are experiencing stress and anxiety around managing a business or keeping an SME afloat during this time, we are all experiencing some low vibe emotions in this current climate of uncertainty. 

Listen in and find out how you can learn from this and make changes in your business.

Free Webinar - 2020 Vision: Crystallising your knowledge Launch

27th April, 2pm

2020 is The Forum’s 20th year and this year we want to look back on our first 20-years and think ahead for the next 20-years. Our vision, back in 2000, was and remains to raise standards in customer operations helping to set standards across Planning, Insight and Quality. Now, having established communities of best practice we can continue to raise standards and prepare for the future.

This year’s theme refers to the clarity and sharpness of vision required to purposely move forward towards your targets, goals and dreams. Whilst recognising the benefit of our fluid thinking over the past 20-years to crystallise our knowledge of best practice and standards.

 - “Purpose, Learning and Self-Awareness” Keynote from The Forum’s Phil Anderson
 - 2020 Best Practice Guide launch and chapter review
 - 2020 Best Practice Programme – how to get involved

Legal & General (Coaching) Site Visit

2nd June, Virtually

Your chance to visit our Innovation & Transformation finalists, Legal & General, who are putting data at the heart of cultural change - to improve performance and transform their business. This is also the chance to network, share experiences and work together on key issues. The group will be for Planning/Insight professionals, and the topics for discussion are up to you.

Three Ireland Site Visit

3rd June, Virtually

Your chance to speak to our Innovation & Transformation finalists, Three Ireland, who are putting the planning team at the heart of the business and driving change with a seat at the table.

The AA Ireland Site Visit

4th June, Virtually

Your chance to speak to our Innovation & Transformation finalists, AA Ireland, who are deploying conversational chatbots, partnered with traditional webchat, as a sales tool to effectively optimise conversion of sales

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