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We facilitate site visits and best practice day's, to share learning from our Award winners and finalists over the summer months, especially from the Transformation & Innovation Awards. This is another great opportunity to learn about the fantastic things that these organisations have achieved. These are interactive events to allow plenty of time for questions with key stakeholders in the transformation and networking with other delegates focussed on the same challenges. Book early, as places are limited. We will be adding further dates for 2020 in the coming weeks. 

As a member, you are not on your own but part of a community with others facing many similar challenges. We are here to help you to make a tangible impact in your organisation and show how developing the capability of each specialist professional function is fundamental to your business.

The AA Ireland & Three Ireland Site Visit

Published on 03 June 2019

The AA Ireland & Three Ireland Site Visit

3rd June, Dublin

Your chance to meet two of our Innovation & Transformation finalists and find out more about their Innovations. The AA Ireland are using technology to improve customer and colleague experience while Three Ireland are putting the planning team at the heart of the business and driving change with a seat at the table.

Chat & chat bots as effective sales methods at The AA Ireland

The deployment of conversational chatbots, partnered with traditional webchat, as a sales tool to effectively optimise conversion of sales is part of a wider transformation at The AA Ireland. Crucially, this was not a major investment of resource. As a pioneering customer, a single manager powered this transformation, building up the webchat sales team and then subsequently leading the implementation of chatbot automation in the form of a policy quote bot, using ServisBOT's Conversational AI Platform. Furthermore, take-up has been strong across a wide demographic customer base and AI-and rules-based strategies have been found to work well for both sales and support of their insurance products.

  • See how webchat integrated with ServisBOT chatbots has been combined into an optimized sales channel and how the addition of chatbots has led to an 11% increase in conversion to sales, and a 40% reduction in agent handling time. 
  • Learn about how business managers can quickly and efficiently build and manage chatbots, in this case a bot that offers answers to questions around policy quotes and and presents simple suggestions to customers applying for quotes on how to lower premiums, navigating them to the place in the quote to make the change. 
  • Consider how you could develop your use of chatbots across the business, partnering them with webchat for better customer engagement and dive into the critical factors you need to consider when building your own chatbot strategy.

This story stands out for how much can be achieved by a small team and budget, but clear focus and approach. This is a fully integrated channel and journey with bots collecting data from the customer on the website, making personalized recommendations to help optimize experience and pass the customer to an advisor if necessary. It offers inspiration and practical learning to anyone who is considering the use of or expansion of chatbots especially in a sales area. They are also entering the supplier/client awards with ServisBOT. 

A culture of innovation in planning & insight at Three Ireland

See how a culture of innovation leads the planning team to continue to drive change in the business. One of the core values of the business is “we work as one team”; anything is possible when everybody pulls together. Building on their award-winning real-time model the Capability Transformation and Planning teams worked together to conceive and develop 3Cal, a tool that the whole business can use to plan activity with customer or colleague impact, so that it is visible and built into the forecast and plan. Furthermore, in partnership with Tech Mahindra, some tasks have been migrated to Mumbai, including some MI, Planning & Real-Time activities. Crucially, there is also a focus on team development with everyone in the team given one hour per week to use for their own development.

  • Learn how creating a culture of innovation means that every idea is considered, across teams, partners and cultures.
  • See how collaboration has helped all stakeholders feel heard and understood and the benefits this has driven.
  • Discover how reporting shows the effectiveness of the calendar and the impact of events not booked in

This story shows the importance of engagement and development for continuous improvement in planning and support teams. Three Ireland are also entering the Best Practice Team Awards for Planning and the supplier client/award for their work with Tech Mahindra.

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As a member, you are not on your own but part of a community with others facing many similar challenges. We are here to help you to make a tangible impact in your organisation and show how developing the capability of each specialist professional function is fundamental to your business.

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