National Quality & Customer Experience Conference 2015

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Directly addressing the needs of Quality & Customer Experience Professionals as well as business leaders, this one day conference day offered an inspiring mix of networking, presentations, case studies, round tables and workshops. Take time now to read or watch the sessions that you missed. You can still learn from the inspiring keynote presentations, awards finalist case studies and workshops. Just choose from the selection in the agenda below.

Customer Experience & Quality Conference, 18th November 2015
Changing Gear in Quality & Customer Experience. Chris Rainsforth & Paul Smedley open the day with highlights on progress being made by members on the 2015 Quality Challenge, and reveal ways in which this can be taken further. Welcome from the Forum team & our sponsors NexidiaMore info

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Award-winning inspiration with three high-impact presentations. See how Quality has charged forward at the Environment Agency and UCAS – earning them a coveted Commendation from the judges.  Kevin Richardson - Quality Manager at npower & 2015 Forum Hero – reveals his top tips for success as quality professionals in a changing business world. More info

See the presentation. See npower's video, UCAS video and Environment Agency video

Award-winning inspiration from the 2015 Rising Star, Nisha Sangha-Smith, Quality Coach at British Gas is followed by the chance to meet winners from Britsh Gas, npower, Affinion and NE Ambulance Service in round table groups. Take the chance to meet and learn from the Analyst & Coach of the Year, and the Professionalism Award & Special Commendation winners. More info

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12:40 Keynote: Life time value.  See how insight on the lifetime value of customers can drive behaviours and processes throughout the business. Natalie Keightley, Customer Engagement Solutions Marketing Lead at Avaya, shares new research and shows how you can assess your own organisation. Followed by lunch at 1315. More info

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12:40 Showcase: Analytics.

Speech analytics specialists at Nexidia demonstrate practical applications of analytics that achieve measurable results for key challenges faced by insight, quality & customer experience professionals. Followed by lunch at 13:10. 

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13:10 Keynote: Talent Development. How do we uncover & develop talent in support teams? Phil Anderson, Senior Specialist at the Forum, shares experience from members & broader research. A fantastic chance to learn, ask questions and be inspired. Take an early lunch first at 12:30. More info

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13:20 Showcase: Visualisation for Humans. Adam Booth, UK Visualisation Expert at Qlik demonstrates how we can design high-impact visualisation of data, by understanding how brain perceives shape and colour, and exploit the power of storytelling. Take an early lunch first at 12:30. More info

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Workshop: Changing Gear in Quality Assurance. Case study inspriation from Team of the Year, Simply Business, is followed by workshop and round-table discussion, based on experience from the 2015 Quality Challenge. Learn how successful teams professionalise, improve customer experience & ensure compliance. More info

See the presentation and video

Workshop: Collaboration & Engagement. How do we take an established QA function on from the 2015 challenge? Explore how to maximise impact. Case study inpisration from Manager of the Year, Andrew Johnson at British Gas, is followed by workshop discussion in round-tables, led by Chris Rainsforth. More info

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Conference Endnote: Draw together the learning from the day and gain fresh inspiration from keynote speakers about how we can change gear, adding value with analysis and presentation of information, as Quality, Customer Experience or Insight professionals. Adrian Morley will speak on using Voice of the Customer information to drive insight and influence the strategic direction of the wider enterprise. James Lawther, Head of Insight & Improvement at RSA, on Maximum impact: the problem with analysis and what to do about it.  Chaired by Simon Butler, Head of Best Practice, with a keynote from Chris Rainsforth, Senior Quality & Customer Experience Specialist, this is also your chance to learn more about the opportunities for development, learning and support from the Forum in 2016. More info

See the presentationSee Adrian's video and Q&A. See James's video andQ&A

Leadership Forum: Hear the inspirational keynote speakers in our Strategy & Leadership event. Harj Johal, Director of Customer Operations at Direct Line Group  demonstrates how customer focus has become vital in the fast-changing and highly competitive insurance sector and charts the key strategies that support success.  Heather McGill, formerly head of Customer Experience at London 2012 Olympics has overseen some of the world's best experiences. Tonight she shares insight on the end-to-end customer journey, planning a customer vision and creating that cohesive experience. This forum includes the opportunity for round-table discussion and questions to speakers. More info

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“One of the most welcoming events … everyone was open, honest and happy to share their experiences.”

Tim Hawley,
Customer Experience Team, Capital One

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