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Monday 26th April, 10:30
Strategic Planning: adapting to new demands 

How is strategic planning evolving in response to new expectations across different organisations? This interactive workshop looks at how we’ve been challenged in the past year and what needs to change to remain relevant. Thought leadership and best-in-class examples are followed by breakout discussions to challenge your thinking and capture ideas to drive forward improvements. Designed for all levels of maturity, this session will help you to identify where you currently are and then start to create a roadmap of improvement.

  • Discuss how to reshape your own plans and take the driving seat in your strategic direction. 
  • Learn by seeing how best-in-class teams approach strategic planning, innovating to stay ahead of the game.
  • Takeaway practical ideas and grow your network of support to drive improvements.

Monday 26th April, 15:15
Data-led Decisions: be ready for a changing world

Data interpreted in the right way at the right time can lead to better, well-informed decisions. Over the last year we have had to make significant, unplanned-for decisions at a moment’s notice. Often our data and insight has struggled to keep up as a result. In this workshop we will explore and discuss ways we can structure our data to help us be more agile – prepared and ready to respond rapidly to changing demands.

  • Identify new ways to reduce risk and identify improvement opportunities from your analysis. 
  • Discuss how our reports and insight can not only inform today’s decisions but also give us flexibility to inform future decisions in a fast-changing world.
  • Takeaway practical ideas and grow your network of support to drive improvements.

Tuesday 27th April, 10:30
AI & Analytics: working with unstructured data sets

Explore new ways of working with large, unstructured data sets and how to automate analysis or categorisation. This workshop offers professional development learning for experienced analysts, planners and managers. Explore how and why these approaches are so rapidly evolving and see how different approaches fit together in organisations that are making best use of these technologies.  

  • Understand what is meant by AI, machine learning and the 7 types of contact analytics. 
  • Learn how to start building your toolkit for automating analysis & categorisation. 
  • Gain confidence in explaining how these methods can be used within your business/service. 
  • Prioritise the next steps in your own development and discuss how to bring people with you on this journey. 

Tuesday 27th April, 15:15
Improvement Workshop: learn from high performing teams  

Explore new ways of driving improvement in your role, whether you are in planning, insight, quality or leadership. The mark of a true professional is that we don’t just ‘do a job’ or ‘follow the process’ but that we are improvement champions, striving for excellence and asking each other: is this fit for purpose? This interactive workshop shares learning from high performing teams about what makes the difference and offers top tips based on the best practice framework we’ve been piloting in the last year. 

  • Discuss how to focus on what matters most and sustain momentum in driving improvement. 
  • Learn by seeing how high performing teams adapt and innovate to stay ahead of the game.
  • Takeaway practical ideas and grow your network of support to drive improvements.

Wednesday 28th April, 10:30
Knowledge and Content Management Workshop

This workshop will introduce the topic for analysts or managers – and give tips for people looking to curate knowledge in their own area of specialism. See how Knowledge & Content Management can transform how we manage quality and customer experience in both contact centres and digital services. Virtual round tables give the chance to meet with experienced knowledge managers as well as others on the early stages of this journey. 

  • Understand the distinction between knowledge and content management and what is required to be effective in these areas. 
  • Discuss what to focus on first, the key capabilities required and how to identify the benefits you can gain. 
  • Explore the opportunities that open up by adopting advanced technologies and appreciate the emerging trends.  

Wednesday 28th April, 15:15
Predictive Analysis & Forecasting Workshop 

Why do we get forecasts, predictions, and insight wrong? In this workshop, we explore some of the common reasons for this and how we can go beyond traditional forecasting or MI. Predictive Analysis sets out what we expect, so that we can easily track progress and identify areas of learning and improvement. Even when we ‘just’ answer ‘what-if’ questions or set up new measures to track, we are doing predictive analysis. Whether you’re a planner or any kind of analyst, join us to: 

  • Discuss how to address issues like statistical limitations, insufficient data, incorrect assumptions and bias. 
  • Understand that a large part of our historical analysis is a prediction of the past, based on assumptions made with a limited data set.
  • Takeaway practical ideas and grow your network of support to drive improvements.

Thursday 29th April, 10:30
Hybrid Working: a framework for the future

Learning from the disruption of the past year we have developed a framework of reference to rebuild a forward-thinking new operating environment. It is really important that we rethink, continually improve and reform. We can’t allow ourselves to return to an outdated way. This interactive workshop will present the latest thought leadership before breaking into discussion groups:

  • Understand the 7-key considerations for building a future proof workforce strategy.
  • Discuss which approaches you have tried and what else would work for you. 
  • Identify new ways to develop work-life-balance and planning for wellbeing.

Thursday 29th April, 15:15
Tactical Planning: performance expectations in the ‘new normal’ 

As we move into new ways of working, we will need to look at new ways of managing our people on the day. How are we going to monitor adherence? How are we going to update our playbook to take hybrid or homeworking into account? What factors do we need to take into account? In this session we will discuss:

  • What do we need to track in order to monitor performance effectively?
  • Will difference in performance be acceptable between home and office workers?
  • Will playbook options for the hybridised workforce need to be different?

Friday 30th April, 10:30
Telling a Story with Numbers: new approaches

The new working environment has challenged us all. It can be all too easy to be overly direct and miss the detail, or long-winded and miss the point. So how can we play our part in inspiring action, engaging an audience and influencing positive change? Learn more about how to deliver great stories, with Ian Robertson and Phil Anderson in this last workshop of our 2021 Conference, adding to the popular techniques in our existing learning modules. 

  • See how you can put together a coherent message, with an effective call to action.
  • Learn how to organise your thoughts and build an impactful story.
  • Discuss how to balance analytical and emotional appeal.

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