Operational Effectiveness & Real-Time Modules

Develop a deep understanding of Real-Time and establish key operating principles to be better prepared prior to the day, more effective on-the-day and capture understanding and learning. They will be scheduled through the year and you can submit your interest at any point.

Free - Planning for Christmas & Special Events

18th December, 11am

Allocating annual leave over Christmas, and other special events, can prove to be a thankless task.  This learning module will explore different ways of planning for these events.
•    Understanding demand and ways to increase annual leave allocation
•    Communicate and engage with the operation
•    Top tips for planning Christmas 2020 leave!

Performance Records & Data Tables, Rigour and Governance

10th January, 12pm

 - How to create a data dictionary to ensure a single version of the truth
 - Techniques to ensure metrics are used to drive the right behaviours
 - Facilitate exception based reporting with agreed triggers

Operating & Budget Plans

14th January 2020, 1:30pm

Learn how important it is to define the operating model and then agree the key assumptions to form the budget. See practical examples of budget and operating models and explore the importance of accurate forecasts and agreed assumptions.
  • Understand the key assumptions to start calculating FTE requirement.
  • Classic mistakes and pitfalls to avoid
  • Interactive module including Excel Spreadsheet operating model exercise

Understanding the Flexibility Toolkit

12th February 2020, 1:30pm

Once you have determined the volatility of your volumes you can start to think of ways to manage this through scheduling. The flexibility toolkit contains 18 options that you can use in your business. Learning outcomes include:
•    What are the flexibility options and which can be combined? 
•    Pros and cons of each method and case study examples of how they’ve been implemented.
•    Understanding how different tool kit options can be used strategically and tactical

Building and optimising Real-time RAG Models

10th March 2020, 1:30pm

Drive decisions and continuous improvement by building effective RAG status trigger for actions, which engage the operation and improve performance. This module follows the “Using RAG models to take action”.

- Learn how to set appropriate thresholds for in-day reporting
- Understand different ways of engaging the operation
- Create a learning mechanism to drive continuous improvement

Root Cause Analysis

21st April 2020, 1:30pm

Root cause analysis is a core skill for analysts and forecasters but is something that few of us do well.  If we want to predict or shape the future it is vital that we understand the past.  In this webinar we will explore

- Why do we need root cause analysis
- How do we ensure we are asking the right questions
- Common Mistakes
- Use of technology to support root cause analysis

Understanding people (including how to say no)

12th May 2020, 1:30pm

Understanding Growth / Fixed mindset:

- What happens in our heads when we hear or say "no"
- Learn to handle objections

Accuracy and Confidence

16th June 2020, 1:30pm

Accuracy is important in any insight or forecast we produce but 100% accuracy is often not possible. In this module we will explore some statistical techniques to understand the accuracy and limitations of our insight and forecasts and how to communicate this with your stakeholders. In this module we will cover:

- Standard Deviation  

- Margin of error  

- The language of confidence

Driving Strategy through Capacity Planning

14th July 2020

This course is part of the “strategic analyst” series of webinars, designed to help everyone in analytical roles become a more active contributor to their organisation’s strategic narrative.

In this webinar we will explore:

-    What is strategy 

-    Benefits of working at the strategic level 

-    Making sense of your organisational strategy

-    Building capacity plans with you strategy in mind

-    Influencing strategy through capacity planning

Shrinkage Calculations

Date TBC

Introduction into shrinkage calculations, tiered shrinkage, historical tracking.  Understand the importance of calculating shrinkages so they are optimised for your operation the key differences and impact on your resource requirements
 - What is included in shrinkage?
 - The importance of calculating shrinkage correctly.
 - Which method should you use for planning, budgeting.

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