Flexible learning programmes for all your team

A vast range of learning opportunities are available by taking individual modules from our collaboration with Ulster University Business School. Focus on specific skills or knowledge gaps and establish a platform of study skills that can be built upon at a later date.

Specialist skills that make you more effective in your current role
  • Introduction to Planning or Analysis – modules providing essential skills and knowledge in these areas
  • Advanced Techniques for Planning or Analysis – two workshop-based modules for advanced skills
  • Communications – evaluate & select mechanisms that fit your organisation and lift performance
  • The Experience Economy – map market changes that are shifting focus from products to experience
  • Insight and Methodology – tools and methods for qualitative & quantitative research or benchmarking
  • Customer Experience Design – translate your brand into customer experience journeys across channels
  • Aligning the Organisation – apply understanding of how organisations change to people & process
  • Measuring Customer Experience – how to build scorecards or dashboards and identify improvement actions
  • Business Coaching & Mentoring – apply models of how adults learn to develop practical effective skills
  • Operational Levers – understand the impact of decisions and ‘why’ key levers drive business performance
    Technology – two virtual modules: emerging omni channel technologies or planning & quality systems
  • Other programmes include: leading high performance teams, managing people, knowledge management and account relationship management – plus our benchmarking or project modules for personal learning pathways

Strategic stretch and challenge – opportunities from the BSc Honours year

  • Assessing and Planning the Future – understand corporate strategy, what it is and why it is important
  • Leadership & Building teams – explore what makes a leader and review your own leadership style
  • Financial Controls & Reporting – core principles of budget responsibility & reading financial reports
  • Managing in Practice – a bespoke independent learning pathway or research project
  • Operating in a Global Context – recognise new opportunities, growth sectors and effective strategies

Learning opportunities that blend the best of academic and business worlds

  • Students complete assignments to University standard and receive support from  tutors. They can receive a script of achievement and may continue studies later to complete a qualification, which requires the completion of several modules, not just one
  • Individual modules require time commitment over a shorter period than a full 6 or 12 month university development programme. They relate to a specific set of learning outcomes and introduce these learning opportunities at a lower cost per individual
  • Most modules can be undertaken in your own time or at work, using digital content and skype-style tutorials. A few are workshop-based, requiring travel
  • Many students find it beneficial to use regular member events for networking & engagement, if places can be allocated to them to support this. They can join online discussion groups, buddy individually or access group mentoring support
  • The range of opportunity covers topics for almost every role and the lower cost makes it possible for you to offer development to all your team, a small cost in comparison to salary budgets

Just contact 0333 123 5960 or email advice@theforum.social for further information and to discuss what is best for you. or to book now for a single module.



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